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Goodnight Mr Tom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ya_big_ding90, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I thought that I had got lucky and had managed to locate a copy of the read and respond book. However, the suppliers have gone out of stock now and the book has gone out of print. Could you possibly help me out?

  2. If it's not too much effort, could you possibly send me your plans?

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    I'm sorry to do this as you've had so many emails about the stuff about Goodnight Mr Tom and I'm doing WW2 after the october holidays and I wondered if you had anything you could possibly help me out I would really appreciate it.
    I've never done this topic before and everyone keeps saying what a wonderful topic it can be and I'm starting to get slightly freaked out about it all.
    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thanks Samantha x
  4. http://c99.e2bn.net/e2bn/leas/c99/schools/c97/accounts/pnslit/Homepage%202/Teaching%20%26%20Learning/Planning_folder/Film_LIteracy_Planning/
    You need to have the DVD of the book too but this planning follows the revised framework approach, but lays the groundwork well and the final writing the children produce can be fantastic!
  5. If you have the read and respond resource i'd love a copy.
    Scholastic others in this series are great.
    Any other plans or resources for G'night Mr T gratefully received
  6. Is there any chance you could send me a copy of your read and respond materials. I'm just about to start the novel with my class and need all the help I can get!! Thank you so much in advance!
  7. The Read and Respond stuff is great, Dopey Dward.
    Grandson loves it.
  8. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Sabrina 782
    I need your email address please if you want some Goodnight Mr Tom stuff.
  9. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Email address please for Goodnight Mr Tom stuff
  10. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Patricia Rose and CAMitchell - email been sent.
  11. Hi Im really sorry to be a pain but could you possibly send Goodnight Mr Tom to me too?


    Thanks x
  12. Please could you send me a copy also? I'm always grateful for new ideas and approaches.
    My e-mail is downhearted2@hotmail.co.uk
  13. Hi, I'm yet another one who's jumping on the bandwagon. I'd love to have the resources too for my WW2 topic, if you can find time to send them yet again.

    My email is veewestgate@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance
  14. poet

    poet New commenter

    I'm replying and sending resources to everyone who emails me

    Hope everyone is receiving them who's asked.
  15. Hi Dopey Dwarf,
    I've tried to get hold of the read & respond book without success.
    Much as I hate to jump on the bandwagon. would you mind sending your 'stuff' on to me?
    Thanks, Lynda

  16. Hi,
    Sorry to also be jumping on, could someone email me the planning for Goodnight Mister Tom please?
    Thanks, Joanne
  17. jumping on the bandwagon also!
    If you add it to the TES resources, you could you post what exactly to search for - will save you having to email to everyone each time!
    Thankyou so much in advance!!! Sounds great!

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