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Goodnight Mr Tom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ya_big_ding90, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Does anybody have any planning for Goodnight Mr Tom? I'm doing it with my Yr 5 class as part of our topic on WWII. I would be very grateful!
    Thank you
  2. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Hamilton trust did some planning and i may have my adapted version. I'll have a look. This year I've got hold of a book which is 'Read & Respond photocopiable activities based on Goodnight Mr Tom'. I've not looked through it properly but I canscan and email you some pages to see what you think and then ifany help to you send you the rest???
    In meantime i'll look for my planning.
  3. Im doing the same but with year 6. Can I have a copy of some of the read and respond book please. My email is emmapear@hotmail.com Have got literacy planning for this too if you drop me your email

  5. Sorry to jump in as well but I've looked for this everywhere and can't find a copy. Is it possible for you to send the read and respond to me too?

    Thank you so much if you can
  6. hey, sorry if you think this is getting too much, but this is my first year teaching and I want to make a great job of our WWII topic later this year - it is the one everyone in class is all excited about!
    Any chance you could share these with me too? Thank you very much!!
  7. if possible would love a copy of the resources too!
    sorry to jump on the bandwagon

  8. Sorry to be a pain but you couldn't send me a copy of some of that read and respond stuff as i have used it for other books and thought it was a very useful resource.
    kirsti720@hotmail.com is my address. Thank you again!!
  9. poet

    poet New commenter

    If you email me at clumsypoet@hotmail.co.uk I'll send you my planning. Taught it with my year 6's last year. Was just a straight literacy unit - no cross curric stuff as wasn't doing ww2 but they LOVED it. Get hold of the DVD if you can too.
  10. sketcher

    sketcher New commenter

    I'm pretty sure that Clickteaching has some Goodnight Mr Tom planning. Also the Year 4 Scholastic, New Framework Literacy book has loads of World War II planning which can be adapted for year 5.
  11. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Sorry been so late in responding but i've now sent you all mail.
    Hope you get it.
  12. Hi Dopey dwarf!
    Really sorry - but I didn't receive your e - mail for some reason. Could you please try this address instead - andreaross995@hotmail.com. I'm really grateful for your help!

  13. Hiya, I'm really sorry to jump on the band wagon but could I please have a copy of the planning too...working in a one form entry at the mo so really need some ideas.

  14. Thanks very much. I've received mine.[​IMG]
  15. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Resent email to ya big ding.
    New mail to elaine and sha4.
    Hope it's all ok.

  16. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Sorry but will resend this time with attachments.
  17. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    All sent correctly I hope this time.
    There should be 33 pages with the read and respond. If i've missed any please let me know and i'll resend.
  18. Thank you, it looks great, will be really useful.

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