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Discussion in 'Personal' started by daffodilval, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Goodbye Phillippines, daughter and all the wonderful people and places..
    I will miss you all...
    Back to reality very soon
  2. Goodbye Phillippines, daughter and all the wonderful people and places..
    I will miss you all...
    Back to reality very soon
  3. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    What an adventure you have had, making memories that will stay with you for ever. Chin up!
  4. You've had a wonderful and interesting time. Yes, it will be sad to come back and leave your daughter... so thinking of you xxx
  5. Have just come across this thread.
    I was wondering about you Val, when the floods were in the news. (I always look out for the Philipines on the news, as one of my brothers lives there. He was in China though, when the floods hit,but his girlfriend was ok. I don't think there was much damage to his building)
    Anyway safe journeyhome, and hope everything went ok.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I liked the Phillipines. Decided to do a stop over for 2 weeks on a trip to Australia a long time ago.
    That was a very very very different life I had then.
    Spent 5 days wreck diving Japanese destroyers at ridiculous depths. I thought it was an interesting country but will never forget being approached for scraps by people when I was eating some chicken wings in an outside restaurant.

  7. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Yes, it is a wonderful country and the people are lovely, too - but the longer you stay, the more the above will start to get to you and it becomes, sadly, impossible to stay. You are naturally seen as a rich American (no matter where you are from) and these little annoyances (taxi drivers going the long way, 'forgetting' to put the meter on etc, become very tiring). Such a shame the government is so corrupt there, as the people have such an incredible work ethic it could become a massively successful country if the corruption was ended.
  8. Ok , so absolutely collapsed saying our goodbyes at the airport , mouthed 3 little words to each other untill we no longer in view of each other . I coudnt speak for an hour afterwards cos of choking feeling in my throat! Now back home after 20 hour journey , very bad tummy all the way but ok now , am still trying to digest it all, it feels like a dream that didn't really happen, if that makes sense! Thanks to all who supported me whilst writing this thread x
  9. Makes perfect sense Daffodilval! It's my worst fear when I go back to Scotland, that I'll 'dream' my way through it, and not really realize that I've been there till I get back here (Oz) if that makes any sense.

    It is just difficult when you live in one country, and your loved ones live in another.

    Done the airport tears thing too many times to count....

    A lot of my family are coming over for my nieces wedding in December, and some are staying on for Christmas/New Year.. will go through it all again.

    No advice, just wanted to say, I know what it's like

    Look at the photos and cherish the memories, and look forward till the next time. xxxx

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