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Goodbye to EYFS?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by giraffe77, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. This is a cool thread
    ..where is it all coming from..

    I am tempted to make up a wishful specualtion perhaps...
    I have heard that ... there will be taught curriculum, there will be oldfashioned play, and the use of clip boards will be limited. We can use the word teacher once again and that teacher can decide the teaching method according to their class and philosophy of their school. The phrase balanced curriculum will be the buzz word and the phrase free flow will be considered antiquated.

    We have to make these things up because nobody tells us anythig on the chalkface.

  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Star commenter

    Much information is filtering through as a result of the LA briefings which have been happening during the past few weeks.
    My understanding is that core areas will be CLL (speaking and listenng); PD and PSED, with other areas being renamed (PSRN going back to beng mathematics or similar).
    But nothing is set in stone yet and this is why we wont have read an 'official' result yet, and besides there should be consultation on the proposed changes anyway.
    It isnt long to wait now, we sould know exactly what is being proposed by April, I think
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It's sad that all our misgivings about the EYFS should have played into the hands of people who will probably twist them into something else.
    What a irony.
  4. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Was told yesterday in a EYFS briefing that there may be 7areas of learning Core 3 for 0-3 CL, PD, PSED. Then another 4 kicking in at 3-5 these being, maths, literacy and creative arts.
    Also less early learning goals and profile points stream linesd so not repeated. But focus on child lead planning and stuff still there. I still haven't worked out how to do this and still teach the children to read, write and calculate.
    Draft curriculum should be put out by Autumn 2011.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Dame Clare will provide a final report on the EYFS review in spring 2011. The Government will then consult on any proposed changes before they take effect from September 2012.
  6. well lets just add a thought in here... we know that that really it doesn't matter a dot if there are three, four seven or two, it never did and it never will. The sum of all those parts is nursery/early years teaching. Early learning - as we all know- ad infinitum- is a process unlimited by any dissection, it is just that such dissection breaks it down into smaller parts and they are useful handles in letting ourselves talk about, reflect-on and try to engage with the process. Understanding child development, seeing deeply into play as learning, preparing rich environments, with time to get involved at depth and opportunity to interact socially with adults who give strong real-life practical examples of practical tasks, knowing other children need other children to play with more than they need learning goals, working with parents strengths and interests, and ecouraging the whole nind of the setting - adullts and children to be involved in purposeful activity, THIS is the nearest thing to god, nirvanha or just what nature intended as anything else.

    At that point we begin to see things as a whole and not fragmented and we know that love is at the basis of education and not anxiety. There is no rush, there is only reaching out in time and seeing things as others see them, that shared view enriches both, it makes the teacher a teacher and it helps the child learn. The EYFS has tried to help by taking out the uncertainty, by joining the dots even closer, but really the underlying picture is dynamic, changing energy. Our minds are made of the same stuff and we work best when we can leave the structures in their rightful place, like crutches, leave them leaving against the wall and arise from our beds. Let the dance begin. The steps are always the same, we might choreograph it differently but the dance is the same anyway. It is a flow, the human mind in motion through its time. Our young are just that; our young. In their ceaseless cathedrals of talk and play they praise the same life that runs through our old, much weathered stones.. So we are not really waiting for anyoine to define early learning for us, or teaching for us, or what we should be doing, its not about cvc words or one-one correspondence, that is by-the-by and comes when we know how learning develops through all symbolic forms. So mystery10 with the pragmatism, inky with the passion, Mzs armed with fact above hype and spin, hedy gebbler withe the wider view, and all of us on these forums are all part of the great beating heart that pulses and lifts us into dance, to words and to flights of fancy, (in my case) but we certainly are not sleepwalking in someone else's dream waiting, waiting, waiting,......for them to wake up!
  7. EY LA consultant from a different authority to the one i work - my friend's sister is the consultant - also told, as have others been on here, that the focus will primarly be cll, pd, psed and cd
  8. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    I have heard that ... there will be taught curriculum, there will be old fashioned play, and the use of clip boards will be limited. We can use the word teacher once again and that teacher can decide the teaching method according to their class and philosophy of their school. The phrase balanced curriculum will be the buzz word and the phrase free flow will be considered antiquated.
    Hedda - I love with your post!!!! PLEASE let it happen ... soon!!!
    can I add: observation time will NOT exceed TEACHING time!!!
  9. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Do you think that some teachers have maybe taken the observation thing a little too seriously? I say this because I find that many education initiatives, guidance documents etc, once they get into the hands of LA consultants, advisors, headteachers, teachers, take on a life of their own that was not intended by the original authors.
    A friend of mine has a child who goes to an independent school. They have chosen to use the EYFS in the nursery and reception class because they find it very valuable. The reception class teacher has inspected Early Years settings across all sectors, so she should know what she is talking about (as much as any inspector!!).
    She does not observe ad nauseam, she does do some "teaching", and if a parent comes in and tells her that their child can do something or other that is relevant to the EYFS profile scale points she finds a way of enabling the child to demonstrate this during the week at school, in a semi-contrived fashion. She does do all the things that other Early Years teachers would tell you is frowned upon by early years inspectors e.g. children learn to read (and fast too I hasten to add) by a mix of phonics and sight words. A book goes home every night from day 1, even for children who did not recognise one single letter or write their name before they turned up at school.
    Contrast this with the reception class teacher in my children's state school (with more favourable teacher to pupil ratios than in the independent school I hasten to add) - I struggle to find out if my children have been taught anything, or indeed observed. Observation, observation, observation, seems to result in not a lot where my children are concerned. Maybe it's a case of "a watched pot never boils". Please teach them something instead!! And do let them play too, and learn by play. A bit of everything please.
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Teachers have always observed and we are quite good at knowing what is happening behind their back and recognising that Johnny has written his name on the far table and Lucy has just sorted all the learning journeys by colour and Tarquin can balance on one leg while juggling free school fruit (and even remember it all at least until home time when they share it with parents and other staff) but some now feel they need to write everything down if they haven't photographed it.
    I prefer "You don't fatten a pig by weighing it" [​IMG]
  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    They haven't chosen to use it. EYFS is compulsory for both maintained and PVI settings.
  12. Hi, did you mean communication ,language and literacy when you put CL? As i work in a nursery with 2-4 year olds , hope they are not going to increase our workload as 6 areas to monitor is difficult to manage, some development matters statements are so alike it seems the present EYFS was made up with the writers paid per statement!!! I am all for the Eyfs being streamlined but would be upset if only early learning goals are reduced. I love my job and as i get little over the minimum wage ( for the past 20 + years )I am not driven by financial gain, I do however feel that we are taken advantage of. If the workload gets any more on the paperwork side I think i will leave childcare which I will feel really upset about. I want to extend childrens learning not fill in enless bits of paper. Sorry I seem to be moaning just frustrated.
  13. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  14. But who is on that team to represent the views and experiences of mere mortals - the ordinary folk?
    I worry when I see a long list of names who are all at the top of their respective trees.
    How representative is that in reality?
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm not sure it signals the end of EYFS either
  16. The EYFS is only a small wave, albeit important for flotation, on the general sea of early childhood teaching. It should be like looking in the mirror in a certain slant of light and seeing a fainlyt familiar face - or a good friiend even depending on the night before, But it isn't our three dimensional whole self. It needs to change, and it will change, as if we rub off a little steam from that after-shower morning mirror. However it is nothing more than that. It didn't define us, it doesn't direct us. and it wll never measure us. It is a gradually clarifying image.
  17. What a load of waffle!
  18. each to their own my friend. NOthing to say, no alternative point of view? then put your waffle where your mouth is and do something useful with it instead of wasting your breath. You might not see it the way I do, but I do work with this stuff everyday ,and I see it that way. if you don't or never thought you could, or just prefer shouting 'waffle' that's okay too, but obviously touched a sore spot, give us a break and think of something useful to say- if you have anything..

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