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Goodbye Stan the Man

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by SEBREGIS, Nov 12, 2018.


    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    Stan Lee, creator of - well, most of my childhood - has gone to the great editorial office in the sky.

    Under Lee, Marvel not only told great stories but they also allowed comics to deal with difficult issues in real ways, which DC just didn't. Even if that meant publishing without the CCA code of approval. It was Lee who allowed Steve Rogers to give up being Captain America during the Vietnam war, becoming Nomad. It was also Lee who had Cap refusing to follow US government instructions for all Mutants to be registered. And Lee who created Doctor Strange, a character who really spoke to counter culture hippies and took awesome flack from the religions right in the US. Basically, Lee who showed that comics could be more than clear cut morality tales in which 'the law' was right and everyone else was basically wrong.

    No lesson planning for me tonight. :-(

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