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Good visits/trips for D&T puipls in North West

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by megalegs, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. I am hoping for some advice on this...
    My department have been having real problems finding suitable day trips to take D&T pupils on in the North West. Particularly themed for Textiles and RM.
    Has anyone run any successful visits or trips that you could share?

    Thanks so much.
  2. I have never taken pupils here but The Hat museum in Manchester is a great place possible to start as i was looking at it with regard to a 'mad hatting' project that i did some work on.
  3. Hat Museum is in Stockport - unless there are two of them.
  4. Museum of Industry in Manchester has a good textiles section, plus all sorts of man made items, including interactive displays, and a collection of aircraft in the Floral Halll - worth giving the education officer a call.
  5. Sorry nearly forgot! Approach your Education Business link organisation - the EBP, Itiis theie job to arrange events like this and the NW ones are very good. Also you have the Manufacturing Instititue in Manchester who are excellent!

    Cannot understand why you are having problems with this.
  6. Big B,
    Sorry i should have been more precise it is Stockport and not Manchester but isnt Stockport in the Borough of Manchester or do we need to defer to a Georapher!
    Apologies again
  7. Hat museum is ok, have actually taken students before, thanks for that! Totally forgotten about it. Its quite specific but a definite possibility.
    The Manc museum of S & I is a little bit dull in my opinion, but thanks for suggestion.
    Looking for something a little more inspiring for GCSE pupils.

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