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good textbook for new AQA GCSE French

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by suzepotter, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    wonder if anyone could recommend a good textbook for the above? We are using Expo 4 and it is a bit outdated. Maybe there is something fantastique out there and I just don't know about it???
  2. ladyofrohan

    ladyofrohan New commenter

    Although I'm using the EDUQAS textbook with a small group of home ed kids, I also have a copy of the Studio AQA book which I think is really good. I didn't really like the KS 3 Studio books when I was in teaching but this one seems much better. They also do a Grammar and Translation Workbook, which is fantastic for reinforcement and a small vocab book. I would have gone with this one completely but as a private tutor/Home ed parent, I couldn't afford the listenings!
    suzepotter likes this.
  3. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

  4. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    will definitely have a look at this. maybe get an inspection copy
  5. karaka

    karaka New commenter

    I use the studio AQA books. I have the activeteach which is brilliant. Not sure how I will afford the subscription to that next year but so far very happy with it. Lots of listening. The grammar/translation book is very useful.
  6. toadman

    toadman Occasional commenter

    I find the OUP AQA ones absolutely first class for practice at both tiers
    aferraby likes this.
  7. ashleysummer

    ashleysummer New commenter

    I'm also using the Studio AQA book and absolute like it! By the way, I've recently discovered a great website offering textbooks at affordable rates - booksrun.com . You can also sell your textbooks, if they are in a good condition of course!
  8. aferraby

    aferraby New commenter

    Agreed: OUP AQA Books + online Kerboodle
  9. jt15

    jt15 New commenter

    We've got the Studio books, with the online content as well. We're very pleased so far.
  10. littlemissmo

    littlemissmo New commenter

    We have expo 4 but mostly rely on our own resources. I'm a bit reluctant to buy loads of text books, do you think you could just make do with kerboodle for listening resources mainly? Or would it be better to go with Studio active learn?
  11. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

  12. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    I would recommend the French OUP book- really high quality materials and especially good for testing!

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