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Good Supply Agency in London/Surrey

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Vampyria, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    I've a friend who is relocating to North Surrey and would be interested in finding work in secondary work in the above regions. Private maths tutoring is another possibility.
    Can anyone please recommend good agencies I can put her in touch with?
    Many thanks in advance
  2. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Any suggestions anyone please?
    You can PM me if necessary.
  3. Where in North Surrey? I am registered with 2 London agencies and have been to schools in Croydon and surrounding area. These agencies are Smart Teachers and A*Star Teachers - I would recommend both agencies, but only if your friend is living sufficiently close enough into London to justify London based agencies.
  4. Smart teachers, to date, have me no work in the nine months I have been registered with them. A Star interviewed me twelve months ago but the consultant then left the company without processing the paperwork (A Star cashed the CRB cheque, but I never received the check).
  5. It surprises me how 2 people can have such different views of an agency! I imagine some of the other agencies I've registered with that have done sod all in terms of getting me work have probably be great for other people. I know at least one person I referred to Smart has had a full-time post offered through them! (Not me, dammit!!)
    I make a nuisance of myself, I wonder if that makes a difference as they want to get me work to get me off their backs!
  6. I agree with you, blondegirl, it is very annoying. I have to make the observation, though, that it is mostly on this site that I read of people being given 'lots of work' by their agencies; actually talking to people face-to-face, in schools (on the few occasions that I ever got into one!) the story is one of 'what do these b******s do all day, as they never find us any work'. S***T's phone line is usually engaged in the morning, even on repeat dialling, or the phone just rings. On the odd occasion that I did get through, it is always the stock phrase 'things are very quiet, at the moment'. Oddly, a couple of times, a man has phoned me to talk over a job, then saying that he will get my consultant to phone me back, but she never does. E-mails to my 'consultant' (whichever one it is, this week) just simply go unanswered. With some agencies it is difficult to make a nuisance of yourself, as it is almost impossible to talk to them directly; somebody is always going to 'phone you back' but they never do!
    Please do not think I am xenophobic, but many agencies use Anitpodian staff, some of whom have, at best, a sketchy knowledge of the geography of London, and the problems inherent in its roads and transport systems. It is frustrating to be offered work at 8:15 at a location that would take you nearly 90 minutes to reach. Incandescently annoying, is being sent somewhere by agencies only for them to cancel the booking when you are almost at the school or, even worse, you find out when you get to the school. You have forked out for fares for nothing!
    Many agencies seem to be surprised that when they repeatedly treat people with contempt that they get a bad reputation. People exchange their labour for money, which, I thought, was how capitalism works.
  7. I'm not sure whether they cover your location, but I'm with Step Teachers (can be found on the web) The office I deal with is in Southgate, North London but I get the impression they cover a wide area. I have found them very good and have had exactly the amount of work I want (which isn't full time)
  8. I signed up with Step, last year. I have to admit that they were one of the better ones in that they did keep in contact for a few months, asking whether I was interested in positions, and up-coming days, none of which materialised. The other thing abot them is that there have a wide area, sometimes wanting to send in to the wilds of Surrey
  9. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I'll pass the information on.

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