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Good sing up tracks

Discussion in 'Primary' started by velma_kelly, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Not sure how many people on here use Sing up, but I'm trying to use up all of my school's credits before we lose them on the 1st April. Does anyone have any recommendations for good songs to download? I don't mind which key stage - I'm trying to download stuff to please everyone but I'm running out of ideas! Ones that would be useful to use in assemblies would be particularly good.
  2. Is something happening to singup then?
  3. Yeah, from 1st April you have to subscribe. They've put a limit on it so you can only download a certain amount of songs (not sure how many it was exactly), and any credits you already have need to be used up otherwise they'll be taken off you!
  4. hpblossom

    hpblossom New commenter

    Believe, Roller Ghoster, Build it high, I wish, and Life is a wonderful thing are all good
  5. Thanks for replying, they are all great suggestions! I've been downloading away [​IMG]
  6. Sorrim

    Sorrim Occasional commenter

    Labi - Siffre's- Something Inside So Strong
    Sorrim x
  7. Soualle - a beautiful African lullaby in several parts [​IMG]
  8. Thanks! x
  9. Great Day is great for F-KS2!

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