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Good resources for holidays - Reading Comprehension

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mjensenaza, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. mjensenaza

    mjensenaza New commenter

    What is a good website I can recommend to parents and children in KS2 for the holidays where they can find good reading comprehension question exercises. I have been working in a small rural school where they had no consistent teacher for the academic year. There are 20 children age 9-11 and they have many gaps in their learning. I am trying to compile some useful resources for parents over the holidays. Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Useful resource - chill out and have fun. It's called a holiday for a reason.

    I understand they may have gaps, but they also need that time off (I know I do).
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  3. abacus1982

    abacus1982 Established commenter

    Our local library does a summer reading challenge which is good does yours do anything like that? Other than that maybe send home a list of recommended books and authors to read for pleasure over the summer holidays. Personally, I wouldn't be sending home comprehension stuff.
  4. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

    In a rural areas summertime is usually the busiest time for parents, isn't it?

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