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Good pushchairs for all terrain (sand especially)

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by puddle, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. We like the look of:
    Mountain Buggy
    Phil and Teds Explorer
    Quinny Zapp 3
    Does anyone have any experience of these? Or suggestions for something better?
    Many thanks. The world of prams is so hard when you have no experience!!
  2. Not the Zapp - the wheels are too small.
    Something with large, pneumatic wheels like the Phil and Ted's is good on sand. I have Vibe and it has been everywhere.
    That said, if you're after something to go walking with then a sling is a good alternative, there are many types from wraps to Mei Tais to soft structured carriers. All are designed to hold baby to you and make travelling easier. Check out Sling Guide for information, it's a free, not for profit website with lots of information and pointers.
  3. Thank you!
    Ahhh I meant the Quinny Buzz. The zapp is the smaller lighter one isn't it. I think I am going off all Quinnys because all the reviews (and my opinion in the shop) was that it is so light that I won't be able to hang any bag at all from the handles and the basket underneath is extra and tiny.
    Phil and Teds took over Mountain Buggy last year I think so perhaps are similar. I'll check out the Vibe now!

    Thanks for link to the sling website. We are planning on getting a sling/carrier to use a lot of the time - but if it's just me and I'm going shopping it would be nice to have a sturdy pushchair that can carry some of the shopping home. Also on the beach - sling is great for lots of the time but would like the option of a buggy too.

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