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'Good' PGCE Primary trainee looking for main placement

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by WordNinja, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Hello

    I am a trainee teacher on the PGCE Primary course at Nottingham Trent. I should be ready to graduate now, with an NQT job lined up – but illness earlier in the year during one of my three main placements meant that it needed to be completed again and I am now in the position of looking for my final placement to complete my training.

    I have contacted a lot of schools, by post, email and phone and now wonder if this forum might be a good place to further my search. Perhaps you are looking for a trainee for staff CPD, or know of a school in the East Midlands that may be able to accommodate me?

    The placement needs to be around 9 weeks, with the last 4 giving me 80% teaching responsibility, where I effectively take over the class. The weeks leading up that would be a ramping up of teaching time and general orientation and can be shortened to suit. I have a very empathetic partnership co-ordinator happy to support, liaise with and provide any training needed for any school.

    I understand it’s a weird time of year to be looking for this kind of placement and many schools have already organised their schedule of trainees from partnership training providers; if I can secure a placement with a school happy to have me then I will happily complete it at another part of the school year.

    My last placement was in a tough Year 4 class in a tough school with lots of behaviour issues. The school is situated in one of the most socially and economically deprived areas of Derbyshire. I have experience working with an extremely varied range of attainment – P Scale to 4b. There were also 3 children with SEND statements and a further third of the class had social, emotional or specific learning needs.

    I left graded as 'good' overall against the current teachers standards and will be working hard to push forward to a 'high' grading at the end of my training. I had a good rapport with the staff and would be able to obtain a reference from the head teacher if needed.

    I work hard to inspire and do a good job. I am 27, a mother of two and an English graduate with a 2:1 who wants to be a credit to any school placed in.

    Any help at all would really be appreciated. Thank you for taking this time to read this.

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