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Good Maths Intro Videos

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jmedtner, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Students responded well to some videos where the topic was potentially dull.
  2. Found this video:

    It explains why students should learn algebra from real life situtations to more.
    Its about 5 minutes long and I've used it a few times already since discovering it last week.
  3. Where did I mention instructional (NB no shouting) videos.
    I've used sportscars racing in video with a flash interactive to show differentiation. This brings a more dynamic approach to the subject and students can relate more to the topic than a simple curve.
    I've learnt from more helpful teachers on the forum that they've used the powers of ten video for a tiny portion of the lesson and was merely wondering if any other experienced teachers had used videos in lessons.
  4. Thanks for reminding me of the link mathsteacher1953. Yes, the maths-4-real videos can be quite useful.

    And the video Nazard mentioned about powers of 10 is great, that was mentioned on here a bit back.

    Apologies to the OP for not realising you didn't meant 'not instructional', there was a recent thread on here about instructional maths videos and I hadn't changed tracks, end of term tiredness.

    Yes, I can see using videos to introduce topics might be good but I do wonder about copyright. I saw a guy last year selling 'maths' videos where he had ripped clips from Hollywood films. He seemed not to have any grasp at all of copyright law...
  5. I highlghted the INSTRUCTIONAL to differentiate between the USE of videos
    Your first post
    IMO this shows a lack of ability/imagination to deliver straight forward topic that could be done with enthusiasm and an interactive resource.
    What happens when a kid shouts "Its going too fast...What do they mean?" do you hit pause and rewind? What happens if the learning needs to go in a different direction and the kids are lost within 30 seconds of this video? how can the learning change and cater for their needs. Thats what we as teachers are for. Experienced teachers as you call them will fall into 3 brackets. (i) Those who teach (ii) Those who can but are too lazy (iii) Those who dont know the subject and cant bring it alive without being led by someone elses work. I think only the last 2 would use videos.
    Powers of ten....This is a perfect topic for a teacher to show the solar system on a nice interactive resource where pupils are ACTIVE rather than PASSIVE (I can put those in block capitals too). The resource would either (i) be easy enough to find on google or (ii) take 39 minutes to make and could be used again and again.
    What happen if your technology fails?
    Unless its a topic that is so dynamic it cant be replicated easily then all teaching should IMO be ACTIVE (there are the capitals again) and not passive (lower case) both on the part of the kids and teacher.
  6. Spot on Betamale.
  7. Sorry Betamale, get yourself up off that seat and teach those lessons;-)

    An interesting point though, what exactly makes a good resource to use in class? Many of the things I've seen like MathsWatch are good for revision (for some pupils) but using them in class is utterly pointless. Same really for MyMaths, there simply isn't enough for the pupils to be doing whilst the teacher clicks through the slides.

    Someone on an earlier post defended MyMaths et al by saying perhaps no one tells them what features they would like. I'd like to think that a product earning a company £1 million plus a year would be innovating with that product rather than milking it as a cash cow.
    But that post did make me think, what exactly do we as teachers who want to teach actually want to use in the classroom?
  8. Sara
    For me teacher led lessons where resources can be manipulated but not relied upon is the ideal.
    Great example........ Mymaths circle theorem page is is superb yet its a case of using the resource on top of what you as a teacher are doing rather than just clicking the next slide in front of the kids and reading out what the 'self teach' style page is showing..
    I use a lot of waldomaths reources for higher GCSE and A level to support the message I am driving towards. For me Mathswatch etc are great for the kids at home to reinforce learning (even if she is very annoying and overcomplicates some topics). It is also very dated on some topics and kids simply dont need to learn aspects of it....it does though certainly have its place
    'Teach A Level Maths' are awful powerpoint to try and teach from yet the kids can use this at home to solidify learning.
    I make my own resources now and ensure they are all suited for the needs of my learners (or try to) rather using a generic cookie cutter that I am trying to follow in a lesson. Yes, it takes more time but once that resource is made I can use/modify it to use again.

  9. I have flagged up the 'Mission A Star' materials on here before. In my opinion, they are absolutely fantastic. They are short, to the point, full of interest and amazingly creative. In short, everything that all the other maths videos are not!

    As a technical point, what software are you using to put them together? The overlay of graphics over the video looks first rate.

    By the way, why no link to the Ryan Babel one, that video is ace!

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your project.
  10. weggster

    weggster New commenter

    Sometimes it's really useful to show an instructional video in class because you can then use it as a discussional session with the group.

    I've sometimes used videos of me and then interacted with "me" and the class as well, asking them what they think is going on etc. I've left myself running while I've sat in with my students and talked through the student ideas, students also get yo pause the teacher). Tandy's videos have been very useful in the past (as has much of the My Maths material).

    I think it's very short sighted to decry any resource in such a sweeping statement manner. that I've seen in this thread. Almost any resource will add to learning with a skilled teacher in the room. I have used instructional videos and I can guarantee I am not a lazy teacher!
    (Away from the main argument: videos are very useful when you are away. You can put video links into your electronic cover sheet.)

  11. A couple of points
    My maths are not videos, they are interactive resources
    The general suggestion is that videos are only used IF you cannot replicate the maths easily (ie showing how angles in a semi circle = 90 degrees, NOT if you cant be bothered or dont know it.
    Why discuss what somebody else has said about a topic? why dont you spar a debate and mae the learning fully tailored?

  12. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    A bit off video as a hook to learning, or while you take the register or .....
    Ok fine - no objections from me - in fact I recommend it.
    But a very boring badly filmed (webcam) and very amatueur looking clip of a teacher doing effectively chalk and talk - whats the point?
    Useful when a teacher is not around at best.
    As for other resources ofcourse we all need resources to support and engage and consolidate etc etc but to think that the resource does the teaching while we (and I have heard this several times including advisors etc.) "facilitate" appals me to the core.
  13. Agree totally.

    And I have no idea why people use MyMaths on the IWB. To be fair to MyMaths, when they made the button marked 'Lesson', I don't think they envisaged teachers using them as lessons but more that pupils would use them for revision and read/work through a 'Lesson' before going on to do homework or a test. I don't think MyMaths ever envisaged teachers standing at the front reading off the slides.

    As I've stated previously, something like the 'power of 10' video to get interest, maybe. Even five minutes of 'MathsWatch', no, never. MathsWatch is another package, exactly the same as MyMaths, its was made for pupils to revise from, not for teachers to teach from.

    Which brings me back to where I came in: why don't one of the big publishers actually make something good for the IWB rather than enabling us to zoom in on their textbook content, which is what OxBox/Kerboodle and all the others effectively are...I suspect it's because they are lazy and just want to make another £500 or so out of something they have already produced.
  14. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    The problem with all these ideas (and I have long felt and still do that it would be much cheaper and better if the gouvernment produced something) is that they ultimately are only as good as the teacher who delivers them.
    I also believe that resources that work really well for one teacher or group of pupils will be entirely unsuitable for another.
    Teachers are paid good money for a reason - the reason being that they should know the learning needs of their students and they shoul plan lessons and design / adapt / aquire a suitable resources to meet these needs.
    all these video clips and mymaths etc. just encourgaes teachers to be lazy and I am sick of being encourgaed to use them by equally lazy SMT and LA advisors.
  15. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I feel that the national curriculum - old and again with the propsed new - is a massive opportunity to address this - missed.
    Forget monopolys and commercial arguments - schools should be forced to contribute to a nationally run websire where high quality schemes of learning - well differentiated are made available.
    Everything in the same place by subject and level. Need a level 2 resources for a year 8 kid - no problem. Questions banks etc all free and downloadable.
    Then teachers wil have th etime to do some lesson planning and school will have money for some enrichment rather than lining the pockets of publishers printing materials for "new curriculums" that are no different from those 30 years ago - other than some of the content has been taken out
  16. Couldn't agree more about publishers lining their pockets and with your sentiment Mike, I've often thought the same thing. I've seen a GCE O level text by the same author as the one I'm using currently and other than half the chapters being missing, the content is essentially the same.

    I do think that collaborative sites like TES and Tandy's fantastic site go some way towards addressing what you say. The only thing is when you get lots of different people chipping in it can be hard to find exactly what you want and by the time you have found the resource you would be half way through making one yourself.

    To be fair to Nu Labour, they did have a go with the National Strategies but schools can be their own worst enemies. I've seen fantastic resources come into school only for people to pull them apart and make their own anyhow. I'm not lazy but to me if there is a high quality resource, ready made, that does 90% of what I want then I'm going to use it.

    I think it would be a massive undertaking to provide such a resource, especially something optimised for the IWB.
  17. Tandy

    Tandy New commenter

    Interesting to see this thread... I am in the middle of building the Emaths Video section (it will be a community driven section that anyone can add to)...
    While doing this, I have been trying to find some quality videos out there in the ether
    Came across this one


    And to my ever lasting shame, it made me laugh... I'm such a juvenile!
  18. Tandy

    Tandy New commenter

    I notice that a couple of folk have mentioned the videos that I made. So perhaps it's worth saying what I said about them at the time (2007). I created the videos because I was ill and away from work, we had no chance of getting a specialist teacher in, so my class was taken by one of our full time cover managers. I talked with her on the phone each day and was getting disheartened (though in no way surprised) by the stories of the kids not really getting anywhere...

    My classroom had an interactive whiteboard and good internet connection.

    So I made the videos, where I gave a brief intro to a topic... the cover teacher then played this at the start of the lesson and then the students worked on questions and problems... During the lesson, the kids often asked for the clip to be replayed if they were stuck.

    I also joined the class several times by webcam, so that they could ask me questions and we could talk about where they were going.

    The cover manager told me (over and over actually) how this approach let her have a great time with the class - she was picking up the topics from the clips too and was able to discuss with the kids as though she were a learner and a teacher...

    The kids loved it... and were appreciative of the effort...

    Anyway, that's how they came about. Nothing perfect, nothing impressive I know... but I remain convinced that my kids made better progress and that the cover teacher had a more rewarding time than would have been the case of just setting cover work as per the norm.

    Then I added them to Emaths as sort of revision hits, short clips that students could watch to refresh their memory of a topic. The video is not the teacher... but when the teacher cannot be there, I think it can make a wonderful alternative.
  19. Many thanks for the feedback and comments.
    You see chemistry have some good intro videos, see below for an excellent review of the elements before a test:


  20. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I like MathsMike's idea of pulling all these resources/videos together in one place.
    There are already a few places that are great for resources, but I thought NCETM or similar were going to become the onestop shop for all of them.
    Instead I have a favourites bar full to the brim with emaths,casy, valed mymaths etc!

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