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good marking and assessment in science

Discussion in 'Science' started by eelmy, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. eelmy

    eelmy New commenter

    having some difficult times in my department presently. I am head of science in a secondary school. Trying to get assessment right so it serves the students whilst giving staff a sensible deal in terms of workload. If you ask too much it just falls apart.

    So what do science teachers mark elsewhere? What do you get the students to mark?

    Lost the plot a little and getting an unfair amount of pressure from SLT and guess what OFSTED are over-due too.

    Thoughts are very welcome, please and thank-you.
  2. sgcross384

    sgcross384 New commenter

    As I understand it so long as your marking meets the school and department policy Ofsted won't criticise, as they cannot be seen to adding to teacher workloads. I suppose they could criticise the policy though.

    We get the students to mark as much as possible in Green pen, then we can speedily check those parts of their books. Then we stick in a marking sticker for us fill out with boxes to tick on presentation things etc... and literacy focus,WWW and EBIs to write, then add an extension task based upon their weaknesses underneath. Still takes a min of 6mins a book.

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