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Good laptops suitable for Cubase and Sibelius

Discussion in 'Music' started by dilly_84, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    Morning all,
    I'm afraid that I have no technie knowledge whatsoever so I need you fabulous people to help me out. At the moment I have 2 computers and I have asked if I could have some laptops for my KS4 (mainly) to do their controlled assessments on. I have been told that laptops are not sufficient to run Cubase and Sibelius and that I need 'proper' desktop computers. Is this correct? As I have only the one, small, music room, they want to remove all the keyboards/storage from around the room and replace them with computers.
    However, I would like to have a cupboard/trolley of laptops and thereby leaving keyboards and other instruments easy to get to.
    Therefore, is this an actual possibility? If it is, does anyone have any laptops they recommend and what are the minimum requirements to be able to run both of these programs on?
    Many, many thanks for your time and knoweldge (I'm always jealous of people who can understand these things straight away!)
    Dilly x
  2. Who ever told you laptops are not sufficient is talking nonsense. When I'm away from my studio or doing portable recording my laptop runs Sibelius 6 and Cubase 5.5 fine. You will need an audio interface though to reduce clicks and pops due to latency, and to enable students to plug in instruments and record; this would be the same for desktops. Though Sibelius 6 can run okay without an audio interface, just don't expect to record into it and the playback is not very smooth at times.
    I'd recommend a dual core laptop with at least 1gb or ram and a usb audio interface for each laptop.
  3. if you can afford them I'd reccomend apple MacBooks.. they run sibelius and Cubase better than any windows based laptop I've used.
  4. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Laptops can run Sibelius 6/Cubase if they meet the minimum specs. So maybe the ones within your school's price point would not. Check out these specs carefully before committing money.
    A dual core laptop with 2GB RAM would be my recommendation (though Sibelius will run on a 512MB - I would imagine not all that well). I would surprised if the school would be willing to buy multiple of the above set up.
    You may also be being fobbed-off for any number of other reasons. Laptops tend to be more costly to begin with and have a higher rate of hard drive failure (not good for coursework). They are easier to steal and easier to break.
  5. They tend to be quite expensive. I've never had any trouble using my windows laptop. My studio also runs windows and I've never had it crash on me during mixing or recording clients.
  6. Having had both I would say avoid laptops where possible. Batteries become an issue, they break easily, there are often network connection issues with the wireless and the onboard audio cards are very often less then suitable for anything musical. Add in power leads that go walkabouts and it all amounts to a lot of issue! May be its just my experience, but I would never go back to them.

  7. Desktops would be your best bet indeed, cheaper as well. A more than suitable dual core pc with 4gb ram can be bought for about £300 (without monitor) new without bulk discounts.
  8. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    You lot are brilliant! Exactly the advice and knowledge I needed. I will spend half term looking up and costing the options mentioned and go back to school feeling all clever and informative.
    Many, many thanks for replying
    Dilly x

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