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Good ideas for Guided Reading time??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Z_oe, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. I'd be really grateful if you could email me a copy of your GR tasks too! Sorry, you must be really fed up of this by now 666, but have just taken over Literacy and am looking for new ideas and these sound perfect!


  2. Has any kind soul still got a copy of the guided reading stuff that 666 sent out? If you have could you send me a copy please? dpriest@brixington.devon.sch.uk
  3. IFF

    IFF New commenter

  4. First time looking at ideas for Guided reading would love a copy of the cards too. My first time with Year 3 and 4 but I have SEN and some G&T children too!


  5. Hi 666 First time looking at guided reading and first time teaching year 3 and 4 with SEN and G&T in same class. Would love a copy of the guided reading cards too. Thanks.

  6. Hi 666

    Im teaching a very immature ggroup of Year 2 who find it difficult to keep quiet long enough for me to hear a group guided reading. Please could I have a copy? Thanks so much.
  7. thornhill65@talktalk

    thornhill65@talktalk New commenter

    Message for 666. Sorry, Have been reading your long thread - you've started something! Any chance you could email me the guided reading ideas too? I've printed off the 'flower finishers'. Many thanks!
  8. Hi 666
    You must be fed up of all these requests, sorry but it sounds fab, please could I also have a copy , dunloplaura@yahoo.co.uk. Many many thanks .
  9. donna79

    donna79 New commenter

    sorry to add to the ever growing demand but the resource sounds great. Would love a copy please for my Y5 class.

  10. We used to include a free reading session evry couple of weeks where children could choose from library/book corner and just enjoy books. This could be rotated between groups so that in 1 term every group has had free choice twice.
  11. Hi 666
    You must be fed up of all these requests, sorry but it sounds great, please could I also have a copy , brumvillan1983@yahoo.co.uk. cheers

  12. I have one group guided reading each day, other groups are timetabled to play word games, independent reading, work on spellings. Could forward on weekly plan if you wish? x
  13. Hiya 666, I too may be far too late but have just spotted everyone mentioning how great your resource is and would really appreciate a copy if you happen to be sending another bulk email. If it's too much trouble I completely understand.


    PS. thanks for the flowers too, will be using them this week!

    Many thanks :)
  14. Hi 666
    I made a mistake. Not funny! My address is really


    Please may I have your good ideas.

    Million apologies and many thanks.
  15. TO 666

    Sorry to jump on the belated band wagon but could I too have a copy of the guided group reading cards. You've started something now.


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