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Good ideas for Guided Reading time??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Z_oe, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. If you're still sending I would love a copy too. I need the help with guided reading!


  2. kingy7

    kingy7 New commenter

    I know it's late...but please may i have a look too. Thanks in anticipation K :eek:)
  3. this is my first time on forum! could 666 please email me the guided reading card ideas please?
  4. sajjy

    sajjy New commenter

    666 ..........no i'm not going to ask for a copy, I don't know what it is anyway. But, reading the begining of this topic (and the end) I would like some ideas for guided reading groups for my class of reception/year one as obviously they can't 'get on' with reading/spelling/comprehension exercises! Many thanks
  5. Sorry to ask 666 but can i also have a copy please, we're overhauling our GR tasks so would REALLY appreciate for KS2. thanks so much in advance!

  6. Hi 666 - hope I haven't missed the band wagon, I would love some of your guided reading ideas! Thanks for being so generous.
    I'm in Y5 and they're very spread in ability!

  7. 666


    I will say again I have no idea what I sent out, it was over a year ago now!

    If you leave your address I will not send anything out as I don't know what it was - sorry!
  8. I am a student who is going to be doing guided reading on my placement (please take pity on me) I would love the guided reading resources, i am unsure of the age group i am going to be working with so can i have them for years 3,4,5,6.
  9. I always like to let them listen to a story tape and give them questions to answer based on this, but it can mean extra work when you start doing it. But once you've done the questions you can reuse them, obviously.
    For reluctant readers I've found the horrible histories and horrible science to be a good motivator for silent reading groups- though they all seem to hog 5/6 of them at one time.
  10. I'm new to this place so...
    What on earth are these cards everyone's desperate to get?
  11. I have a new class of Year 3's who have a wide range of reading abilities and as an NQT I am expected to take a group each day for Guided Reading and wondered if anyone has ideas for activities for the other groups?
  12. Hi 666
    You are probably swamped with requests, but is also poss to have a copy of the guided reading questions
    email: nicmorris78@hotmail.com

    Thanks ever so much
  13. morning 666. I know you are probably fed up now, but could I possibly have a copy too? they sound great. thanks.
  14. lumleylass

    lumleylass New commenter

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