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Good ideas for Guided Reading time??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Z_oe, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Has anyone got any good ideas for what to set the other children during guided reading sessions? Would like them to be working on something constructive to do with reading but also something they can do without interupting my group! Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Has anyone got any good ideas for what to set the other children during guided reading sessions? Would like them to be working on something constructive to do with reading but also something they can do without interupting my group! Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Sorry-meant to add this is for my Year6 class. Thanks
  4. Five days - five groups(for each group this how the week went)
    Day 1 - teacher work with group
    Day 2 - group complete a task related to the guided reading session. (can give you some suggestions for these tasks if you need them)
    Day 3 - read anything of their own choice (from school or home)
    day 4 - read their set reading book (from scheme)
    day 5 - read their set reading book OR handwriting/spelliing practice.

    In my last school on one of the days I did a buddy reading session with another year group (I taught year 5 and paired up with the year 2 teacher.

    Hope this helps - I used this in two schools for the past three years and optional reading SATs reflected its success. Got other teachers trying it successfully.
  5. 666


    I just work with one group per day. All other days they carry on reading their guided books as a group:

    The groups can choose to read some aloud to each other or read in their heads till the end of the page and then they ask each other questions about what they have read. They sometimes choose to do paired reading. It takes a little time to set up and get running at the start of the year but once they are trained up and used to doing it the session runs very smoothly. The children like doing it too.

    10 mins before the end of the sessions (I do 30 mins in total 8:45-9:15) they choose as a group 3 or 4 questions to discuss together.

    I have these laminated (and other sets as well)

  6. Sorrim

    Sorrim Occasional commenter

    Hi, love this idea - thanks for the link. Where did you get your other sets from or have you made them yourself?
  7. these are fantastic - I'd be really interested in the other sets
  8. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    We have a 4 day carousel (5th day is for spelling) - one groups is guided reading, one is working on spelling, one handwriting and the other reading comprehension tasks. By the end of the week they have done all tasks for the week :eek:)
  9. we do carousel at our school.
    Guided grp with teacher
    Follow up task
    Real Reading - magazines/newspaperarticles etc
    spelling tasks

    Personally I love the Real reading - where the kids get the opportunity to read a variety of real life articles from mags and papers or sets of instructions, recipies, info about famous people, finding out specific info about things on the internet or in non - fiction bks to support skimming and scanning and such skills.

    They seem to love it too! They are always engaged!
  10. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    ooh I like that real reading idea - might do that on a Friday with spellings - after getting peecees lists we have revamped spellings to a different format so needed to rethink Friday session! Thanks :eek:)
  11. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    I have some books that focus on the HIgh Frequency words - various activities linked to these words and other spelling patterns. They work on these but also prac their weekly spellings and do some focused work on whiteboards with my TA.
  12. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    lol no worries - this forum is great for distracting away from work!!

    Can't remember the make of the books but I'm in school tomoro so can look and post then if that's any use? They are brilliant for ideas and there's a whole series of them for KS1 and goes into Med Freq words for KS2 too!
  13. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    No probs :eek:)
  14. 666


    Sorrim and b_g_uk

    The others ones I use were from various web sites, I'll find the link for you and post it up. Not my computer so don't have it to hand at the moment.
  15. At our school we did the following last year on a rotation, 5 x 45mins a fortnight:
    Guided reading with teacher
    Follow Up task from GR
    Quiet Reading/Book browsing
    Creative task

    However, we have been told to re-timetable so that we do 5 x 25 mins a week and to timetable GR at a time when TA is available to incorporate an extra reading session with her for lower ability groups. Chn struggled enough last year to complete creative tasks in 45 mins let alone 25! I really like the real reading idea tho. The final activity is either a worksheet based exercise or spelling game. Have also asked chn to choose fave poem from a book and write neatly for a class anthology as handwriting practice.
  16. those of u that do carousel method - do u no do guided reading in the lit hour? do u have separate timetable time for that?
  17. Hi,

    It was hard work but I made games for the other groups linked with whatever text we were studying. I just typed the info into the computer, printed on cards, cut them up and laminated them so I now reuse them every year. For example, in Romeo and Juliet the children had to match charcater names with character desriptions, then if time permitted write a character description of their own.
    Or, another example within Romeo and Juliet was to give a word or sentence from the text that they would need to work out, like ' a rose by any other name would smell as sweet' and then they had to match it with it's modern language. I did this every week and with five groups, working with one in guided reading every day, I only needed to make 4 games a week. Sometimes I made easier or harder versions of each game for less or more able children.

    This was year 6.

    Hope the idea helps.
  18. I forget to mention I tried to make text level games, word level games and sentence level games.
  19. When we had a structured guided reading session i used to have a carousel throughout the week

    Group 1 - Guided Reading with teacher
    Group 2 - sentence building - always went down well (4 - 6 sets of parts of sentence and the children would put them together to make different often hilarious sentences)
    Group 3 - Class room reading area - free choice books
    Group 4 - comics/magazines
    Group 5 - word searches - they loved this and of course were still reading!

    The children loved the rotation throughout the week - some activities were more popular than the others particulary the wordsearches, sentence building and the comics!

    Good Luck
  20. FAO 666

    Thanks, I appreciate your help

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