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Good German film to show to KS3?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Digger1, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. I'm after a good German film to show to a year 9 class for an end of term treat. They've already seen Das Wunder von Bern in year 8, and the film has to be rated 12 or lower (having looked into it, it's amazing how many of the good German films are rated 15!). At the moment, I'm thinking possibly The Princess and the Warrior or Sophie Scholl. The problem is, I haven't seen either.
    So, anyone care to comment on either of these films (good, bad, appropriate?) and/or make any other suggestions?
  2. madameh

    madameh New commenter

    Barfuss went down really well with my groups. It's a 12, although says 15 for its Irish classification. Make sure you check the British ratings only!
  3. amazon.co.uk has Barfuss as a 15 and I don't find it listed on bbfc.co.uk for a second opinion...I have trawled many of the threads on the Forum about German films and almost all seem to turn out to have 15 classifications...there was 'Briefe von Felix' recommended but the cover looks as if it's targeting 6-year-olds! Something that's occured to me is the fantastic and unbeatable Kommissar Rex but trying to find one designed for Region 2 which has not just German language but English subtitles...
  4. Hi,
    Any luck with the German films? When I saw your message, I just thought I'm gonna have to reply, although you've probably found out in the mean time...Sophie Scholl is quite heavy, including the language even and in the end Sophie and her brother actually get executed...! You don't actually see the head getting chopped off, but you hear it all. I just watched it woith my year 12s and I thought that was young enough.
    Barfuss has one or two swear words in it and a 'scene' or two...
    Hope that helps!

  5. "Emil und die Detektive" was remade in 2001 and looks appropriate/engaging but costs EUR 23 off amazon.de - has anyone got any further recommendations for German-language films that are NOT classified 15 or 18? An earlier thread suggested showing Shrek, Harry Potter or the like with language switched to German and English subtitles activated. I may end up following this route - but seems a shame?
  6. Emil and das fliegende klassenzimmer would both be good but have no English subtitles which I think is hard for KS3. I show Night Crossing which is an English Disney film about two families who cross from East to West Germany in a balloon in the 70s.
  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions - I looked at Briefe von Felix as well, and it looks a bit young. Can't seem to find Barfuss as anything other than a 15. So I've gone ahead and ordered a copy of The Princess and the Warrior, Sophie Scholl and another film called Mostly Martha from Amazon. Will update as to how good/appropriate they all are once they arrive!
  8. Pippi Langstrumpf

    Pippi Langstrumpf New commenter

    Hi, just as an alternative to Harry Potter and other English language films switched to German soundtrack, I showed my year 9s 'Wargames' after having trawled through my DVD collection for something that was dubbed into German - they really loved it. Of course they weren't born when it was made!
  9. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    Sophie Scholl is a good film but it's very intense and there is a lot of courtroom (in)action and discussion which even Y10 found hard going. How about Herr der Diebe (The Thief Lord)? It's a PG rating.
  10. Sophie Scholl indeed sounds a bit heavy-going for Y7s and Y8s, and I'd prefer not to show a film whose theme is WW2-related, given the kids all seem to come in to Y7 with that association in the first place.
    I spent some time trawling through amazon.de and amazon.co.uk using the criteria: language German, but with English subtitles; film produced and shot in a German-speaking country; BBFC certificate (or equivalent, if not BBFC rated) BELOW 15; a theme appropriate for Y7/Y8s and preferably with a teenage cast or protagonist. Das Wunder von Bern of course hits the mark perfectly, but this is something many classes have already seen. It's incredible just how few films there are that meet the above criteria. In the end I ordered "Meer is nich" and "Kuess mich, Frosch". They both have excellent feedback on amazon.de.
    Herr der Diebe looks a very nice film - but the action looks mainly set in Italy, and although the original book is German, the film I think isn't judging by the cast names?

    Would still be very interested to hear any other suggestions people have. Someone suggested "Night Crossing" which fits all criteria except for fact it's a Disney film. I'd have bought it anyway as the film looks so good but it costs EUR 39,99 off amazon.de! (Mit dem Wind nach Westen).
  11. If you want a film that is far from heavy, I suggest 7 Zwerge! A funny spoof of the snow white story.
  12. there are lots of copies available on ebay of Mit dem Wind nach Westen - or is it too late to cancel your amazon order? i agree, looks like a great film and a good way of introducing younger years to this era.
  13. Not exactly a film, more a 20 minute (ish) cartoon where the kids get to pick what happens next in the story.....Tom und das Erdbeermarmeladenbrot with Honig is brilliant, and available free on the internet:
    It's intended for native German speaking preschoolers, so is very childlike, but all the Year 7 and Year 8 groups I've shown it to have loved it!! Plus there's a fair bit of language in there they can understand or at least have a good guess at.
    Good fun for the end of term!

  14. "mit Honig", not with!!! Too early in the morning................!
  15. the ebay.de copies of "Mit dem Wind nach Westen" are *posters* not DVDs - sadly.
    The thing I find tantalising is that Inspector Rex DVDs in the original German but with English subtitles are sold in Australia (and one or two on ebay.co.uk) - but with the Region 4 code. I have no doubt any age group would love this series, and it's nice that it's set in everyday Vienna.
  16. The cover put me off, but actually it looks very worthwhile. One feedback comment I read on amazon.de was that the film is strictly 'Geschmackssache', I thought y'all might also find some of the more negative comments entertaining!:

    "einen blöderen Film habe ich selten gesehen. Die Geschichte ist blöd, die Darstellung albern, die Gags versanden da nicht komisch"
    "Leider verliert sich der Film in belanglosen Blödeleien, wie Männer in den 40ern die sich mit Brettern vor den Kopf schlagen und zum arbeiten selbst gebastelte Bärte anlegen"
    "Dieser Film ist etwas für Gehirnamputierte"
    "Dieser Film ist mit Sicherheit einer der peinlichsten, die das deutsche Kino je hervorgewürgt hat"
  17. I know I'm late in replying but in case you are still looking for another time "nirgendwo in Afrika" is again I think 15 (i loaned it to a friend so can't tell you) . It's not a bundle of laughs but is about a Jewish family who get out of Germany just in time at the beginning of the SecondWorld War and end up in Rhodesia (I think) and it is about how they survive there. The girl goes to a posh British school and is just as ostracised there.
    Just a thought. I enjoyed it.
  18. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Goodbye Lenin is a great tragicomedy with a lot of historical references to the DDR. I don't know if this might be over the kids' heads a bit. Also, I think the film is rated 15 in the UK but here in Germany it's from age 6 upwards and in the US is R rated.
  19. Just got back from Germany, so have probably seen this too late, but my classes have loved the Wilden Kerle films (films 2-5 have English subtitles). My bottom set year 9 would work really hard if I promised they could watch one of these. Other good films include Emil und Die Detektive (already mentionned) and Das Wunder Von Bern. Maybe these ideas are in time for next year!
  20. Hi there, I have shown 'Badnits' to my Year 9 groups for the last 3 years, and I have resources to go with it. The film is a 12, has a bit of swearing and a couple of smooching scenes in, but nothing they can't handle!!!

    They enjoy it - and the dvd doesn't have subtitles, so it is sink or swim!

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