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good deal for Shanghai?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by freakydaydream, May 9, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    Trying to decide on possible offer for school in Shanghai.
    Deal is about 1800 pounds sterling (2000 Euros) a month net. Free accommodation (2 bed for single guy). No shipping. Flights back. Bonus only kicks in after first 2 years. Medical insurance.

    The main thing is is the wage enough for Shanghai? Second is it a good deal compared to other schools in the area?

    Any comments appreciated.
  2. Hi Freaky,
    I can only speak for myself but that seems similar to my pay. It is a bit lower, but I don't get the two year bonus or free accomodation so I guess it comes to the same. Flight and insurance are standard. I got shipping (quite a bit) but don't really think it is necesary. When I came to China I wanted a change, not move all the **** I had hoarded over the years. As far as what this money is worth in Shanghai, it really depends on your lifestyle.
    If you want to live the 'expat' life (drinks on the bund, trendy clubs, imported food,...) I would say you will probably find it similar to living in London on a teacher salary. Maybe a bit more expensive actually. I have been in Shanghai for two years and find it quite cheap. Yes, I eat in Chinese restaurants and shop in Chinese supermarkets but I still manage to go out to the expat places regularly. Compared to when I lived in London I have a full bank account at the end of the month, which is nice :)
    Make sure you check two things:
    1- Insurance package. What do they cover? elective treatment, travel, etc...
    2- Where is that 'free' accomodation? Shanghai is big, very big. I have chosen to commute from the French concession. It's a pain but I really enjoy it on the weekends when I am close to bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. Some of my colleagues who live outside of town simply avoid coming downtown on weekends.
  3. Seems fairly standard. Any decent school will pay 24,000-30,000RMB a month plus benefits. Make sure you get good health coverage with no 'co-payments'. Foreign clinics in Shanghai are ridiculously expensive. You can also ask for photos of the apartments, age and proximity to the school. Do not take something that is miles away, without school provided transport and more than 5-10 years old.
  4. Thank you both.
    Put my mind a little more at rest. Will be certain to really look over terms of insurance should contract be offered.
    Accommodation is supposed to be near to school and there is a bus pick up to school so that seems good. Lot's of other staff live in the complex so I guess the standard can't be too bad.

    Now any advice on how to convince mum that other side of the world is not so far!
  5. The package seems pretty standard.
    The things that you should consider are:

    What currency are they paying you. What other salary options are there?
    Since repatriation of funds can be a frustrating process at the banks here. Also you need to see whether you school can pay directly into a foriegn bank account and at what cost.
    As for your pay, check to see where you are eligible for flights and how often.
    The pay is more than enough to live VERY comfortably in Shanghai. Bearing in mind that you do not pay accomadation.
    Of course it is also very easy to spend everything. It depends on your lifestyle, however if you need to subsist on 500 kuai for a couple of weeks, that is very easy too (I'm talking paying the a'yi too ;)
    Check the area they are putting you up in. Bearing in mind that most expat areas where the schools tend to be are further out of the going out areas in Shanghai. Though they are easily accessable by a 5kuai (50p tube) or a 40 kuai (~£4) taxi... even at 4am in the morning.
  6. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    "bonus only kicks in after two years" - the bonus applies to the first two years taught there in other words? Wage is good (about 18,000-20,000 RMB after tax) and you can live very well on 10,000 RMB/month and save a grand. Utilities are reasonable and lifestyle is good - and spring is finally here.
  7. I'm being paid in Euros. Not sure if that's better or worse than getting paid in Sterling looking at the different economies at the moment.
    Accomodation is not far from school which is aroung South West Shanghai I think.

    Living on 500 kuai and with a'yi, I may never come back to UK.

    What would you give as top tips for someone new settling into Shanghai and starting at school?
  8. get yourself an ayi
    start learning the language as soon as you can as I've been too lazy in that respect
    See if there is a metro near your apartment, will make getting around easier
    students should be amazing so in terms of teaching you can plan the most amazing engaging group work based lessons you can think of
  9. Hi, u been offered a job yet? Is it primary or secondary?
  10. Yeah Secondary
  11. Please tell me you have not accepted. OR PM me
  12. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    With 99% of students and 95% of teachers leaving this must tell you something about the school.
    Posted 03/01/2012, nothing has changed.
    "To anyone looking for work in China.

    Be careful when accepting employment opportunities from a certain group of schools that operate in XXXX, XXXX and XXXX (do your research and you will know who I mean) and please consider the following;

    •You will not be paid on time. This year staff salaries have been late every month. In some cases over one month late.

    •Rents and rent allowances are late or unpaid, leading to threats of eviction for expatriate teaching staff.

    •Medical insurance has been paid late leading to refusal of treatment for some staff.

    •The schools are desperately short of resources as orders have been incomplete or non existent for several years.

    •The schools are in a poor state of repair due to lack of funds for maintenance.

    •Expatriate staff in Shanghai are forced to work illegally on tourist visas due to a dispute with local government."
  13. freakydaydream was here 2 years ago. He's either safe or you know him.
  14. Hello Freakydaydream.
    I Like the name - this too could be your daily reality!
    A few questions, if you will...
    What subject/s do you teach?
    When and how were you interviewed?
  15. Time for some hard facts and clear thinking here.
    Evidence so far points to some possibilities
    1. a collapsing school with both teachers and SMT leaving - you can guess which rats will be off this ship first I daresay.
    2. a Head who may or may not be trying to get a relaunch and is hiring staff who may or may not have been told the full facts about thesituation. They probably haven't.
    3. a Head who may or may not be looking to hand off responsibility to newcomers before trousering a fat wad and heading for the hills. This is not absolutely outside the realms of probability, with the payoff being linked to finding replacements.

    The key questions for both staff and SMT are therefore;
    1. How serious/liquid are the owners about the relaunch?
    2. Is there a funded plan in place for the relaunch and have you seen it?
    3. How big is the marketing budget?

    No doubt the relevent SMT are reading this so this is your opportunity to convince the people who are reading this - perhaps your parents, staff and future employees - that you are in fact serious.
    Failing schools can be saved - done a couple meself - but the answers to the three questions above are key.
    In the end, transparency will only work in your favour. I understand that this is utterly alien to Chinese culture but in this situation, Chinese owners have to understand that although they are geographically located in China they are commercially situated in international land.

  16. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    To answe your Questions
    1. Sweet FA
    2. Sweet FA
    3. Sweet FA
  17. Details? You may be right, but details help.
  18. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    There has been no details, there are no details and there never will be any details. There is nothing, a blank sheet of paper has more information on it.
  19. Oops, i meant to say 7500 for rent a month. omg, i'm so stressed out about this. LOL
    However, you do bring up a good point. I looked up the tax rate and it looks like I will be pushed into the 25% tax bracket.
    Does anyone know how that works with the USA? Do I have to pay taxes back home as well?
  20. 7500 for rent is quite good. We pay less for our 1 BR and are paying too much.

    You have to file taxes back in the States, but you shouldn't end up owing anything, as they exclude foreign earned income up to about $88,000 iirc.

    How much are they offering for flights/shipping?

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