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Good CDs to use in Year 1 PE?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pocoyo, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. My school don't really follow anything specific for PE and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good CDs that work well in Dance for Year 1 and what sorts of lessons you base them on?
    I am totally lost with what to teach the children in Dance.

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I've just bought this for year 2 and the associated CD. Not exactly cheap, but the cheapest I could find while still seeming to be good and useful. The book also has gymnastics and games in it.

  3. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    I'm not great at PE, and having nothing to follow makes it a lot harder I agree! so, I can only say what Ido, not that it's the best PE teaching in the world! For dance, I try to link it to topics where possible (so at the end of the year I have a topic based on a trip around the world, so we do dance from other countries with world music, we teach Space, so we do dance based on moving in space and music related to space), so rather than use a set CD I find music that fits what we are going to do and make a CD using it.
    I just try to make sure we cover things like moving at different speeds, and in different ways in resposnse to the sort of music it is. I try and build in partner or group work and get them thinking about either synchronising or sequencing movements, or both.
    I've also done well known dances like Macarena (or however it's spelt!) with Yr 1/2, obviously not as a full scheme, but as one off sessions here and there and they do love it.
    I use yoga pretzels too (search on amazon, that's where I got them), not for dance, but great again for odd sessions or to use in warm ups/cool downs. The children love seeing if they can do the positions and it's good for heklping them think about their muscles and how they feel during exercise compared with normally.

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