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Good books to read to Year 6??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jmb, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. jmb


    I'm new to year 6 in Sept and wondered what sort of thing people had enjoyed reading to their class. More to the point, books that year 6 enjoyed you reading to them!
  2. jmb


  3. These two are enjoyable and great for discussing issues (gender stereotyping and bullying)
    Bill's new frock by Anne Fine (short and best read at the beginning of the year)
    Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley

    I also like Scribbleboy also by Ridley.
  4. Millie33

    Millie33 New commenter

    The Black Book Of Secrets by FE Higgins - My year 6s loved it when I read it to them ealier this year.
  5. jmb


    Thanks so far. Any more ideas?
  6. Holes! Amazing book and there is a great disney film version you can watch at the end of the topic.
    Good thems running through such as environmental change and legends.
  7. Neil Gaiman - Coraline.
    I have read this to my year 6s for the last 5 years! They love it and it is suitably edge of the seat scary for this age group.
    Just googled for a plot summary and discovered they are making it into a film - now am very excited!
    They are probably doing this on the back of the success that stardust had.

    'In Coraline's new house she discovers a door in the attic that sometimes opens onto a brick wall, and sometimes doesn't. Venturing through the doorway she discovers a world that mirrors her own, though the mirror is disturbingly distorted. There is more fun and better food there though, and her parents and neighbors are reflected there too, but with troubling differences.

    Returning to her own home she finds that her real parents are missing, only appearing in the hallway mirror. With the help of a cat that can talk in the mirror world, Coraline returns to rescue her parents, as well as the souls of other children that she finds imprisoned there, from the fiendish Other Mother.'

  8. jmb


    "secret of the sirens" sounds really good. Think I'll save that to do summer term with our environmental topic.
    Sounds a bit Doctor who-ish! beings that want to ruin the world!
  9. Actually, Dr Who would tie in quite nicely as a parallel study, thanks for pointing that out.

  10. I've missed the spliff smoking nun! Obviously not very observant!
    That's funny...thanks for the heads up!
  11. It happens in the blink of an eye but that's why it was given a 12 certificate. A pity really because it wasn't essential for the story. Ah well...
  12. jmb


    Lots of good ideas so far- any others?
    I'm going to be stocking up for the summer holiday reading!
  13. Johnny and the Bomb by Terry Pratchett is a cracker for pupils of that age especially if they're covering/have covered WW2.
    Also, there's loads of underlying issues.
    I've read it to classes for past 6 years - they love the tearaway character Bigmac.

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