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Good author for primary age?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by weaselwithin, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!
    In preperation for my PGCE in Sept I have to review some books suitable for a primary age, does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Books or authors who manage to appeal to a nice age range, both sexes, and differing abilities would be fantastic!
    Hope you're all having a nice weekend!
  2. Get thee to a library or waterstones and start reading.
  3. Haha yes, I'm not trying to be lazy! Just wondering if anyone had maybe used a certain author's books in their classrooms and thought it would be worth recommending!
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Good advice from PFF
    I use hundreds of books over a school year and I don't think it's realistic to imagine what is a great/appropriate book/author for a 4 year old will appeal to a 11 year old.

  5. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I was hoping to be recommended an author who might appeal across a couple years of age, not from 4-11 years old! But maybe for say 9-11 years old. I'd really just like some recommendations, not replies criticising my asking!
  6. I really think getting to a library and finding authors that you really like and can go on to use to inspire children is great advice. Off the top of my head Michael Morpurgo, Emily Gravett, Louis Sachar, David Almond, Malorie Blackman, Julia Donaldson, Anthony Browne might get you started.
  7. You are applying for a PGCE where competition is tough and getting a job even tougher. Be proactive. Get out and get reading. Then perhaps if you came back with 'I've been reading x book by x author and am thinking of reviewing it' people may be a bit more forthcoming with support and advice.
  8. Ah, well I was trying to be proactive by trying to gauge some starting point before embarking on my search, thanks for the advice, and for the recommendations
  9. Hi there,
    I have a reading list of suggested texts to support different units from the literacy framework. You're welcome to a copy if it would help you.
  10. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    You lot are blooming rubbish at times. The OP was just asking what people have used before that works. Finding books that they like is all well and good, but there is no way of knowing if they will work in a school. If you have used a book/author that works then why not tell them?

    I find (in Y6 at least) the Lemony Snicket books are popular, probably not so much for younger years. Roald Dahl is always good though. Morpurgo is certainly popular in the top 2/3 years.

    I have a book called 'The Story Shop'. Loads of short stories that the children seem to love.

  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    well I could have reeled off a list of authors only to discover that the OP doesn't want books for the "primary age" but for upper KS2 and as we all know what works for one group can sink like a stone with the next

  12. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I agree that the post could have been phrased better but some of the replies were not needed.

    They weren't asking for somebody to answer an interview question stright up, or to write their application form. They were simply asking what has worked for other people.
  13. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    yes they were but what works for your class may not work for mine and wouldn't you like to see some originality from candidates rather than following lists? I know I would
  14. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Of course, and I agree that not everything will work in every class - that would make life far too easy.

    However, people on here ask all the time what has worked lesson/book/resource wise. It seems that only when they are students do posters circle like sharks.

    There is still nothing wrong with saying what works for you. It might work somewhere else too. I remember how scary it was starting out. I had no idea what books would work - why not at least give somebody a hand?
  15. Just finished my first PGCE placement in a Year 4 class and far and away the most popular books are the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series by Jeff Kinney - girls and boys of all different reading abilities were reading and enjoying them. The Beast Quest series by Adam Blade are popular with the boys as well - hope that helps!
  16. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Morpurgo & Dahl are my favourite two.
  17. Well, I never meant to cause a little controversy!
    Thank you to those who made some sensible suggestions.
    But to those who didn't - I don't know why you wasted your time with negative comments, I never asked for patronising advice on gaining a placement, or on how to phrase my questions (everyone else understood - I was interested in any recommendations for any age - if you didn't want to recommend anything or share any knowledge that you have then that's fine - just don't bother!!!). I already work in education and have a future PGCE place, and simply wanted some guidance, perhaps next time you won't waste your energy putting others down.
    Anyway, this has gone way off topic. I'm really grateful to those of you who did reply sensibly, and Shellymussell I'd be really grateful for your resource too.
    Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend
  18. Milkandchalk

    Milkandchalk New commenter

    I'd recommend Michael Morpurgo. His stories are very varied and rich
  19. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  20. A very popular suggestion! We've just finished reading Friend or Foe with year 8s, I'll definitely explore Morpurgo's other books, thanks!

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