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Goldsmiths Secondary English PGCE Interview-Please Help!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by eyeofmyapple, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I had an interview and received a conditional offer for Secondary English at Goldsmiths in February. The interview was a great and fairly relaxed experience. The tutors were the ones who teach you during the course and were very friendly and reassuring throughout the day.
    There was a general chat with all candidates explaining the course. Then we were split into groups for the written and group exercises. Written exercise what it says on the tin, basically to see if you can write properly! Not scary and no preparation or prior knowledge needed. The group exercise was also very standard and I assume they were just looking for good communication skills, clear thinking and listening. After a lunch break (whilst they marked written exercise and discussed candidates) the tutors asked shortlisted candidates to come into one room where they gave us individual interview times for the afternoon. Everyone else was sent home. My individual interview was great, felt like a real conversation and the tutor was not trying to catch me out at all, more trying to find out about me and my reasons for teaching. Take your time, use examples from your own experience, relax and be yourself.
    Other advice: the building was quite hot, so make sure you're wearing something comfortable!
    Good luck, I hope it goes really well.
  2. So sorry I didn't see this until today. Really hope it went well and hopefully see you in September!

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