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Goldsmiths Primary PGCE 2012/13

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Champsy, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I'm in the same situation as well! Submitted all the requested evidence of qualifications and submitted my health and CRB form back in January but haven't heard anything in terms of confirming the no of places they are offering. Hopefully all this excitement isn't for nothing! This is my 3rd in applying and this is the closest I've got to getting onto a PGCE course.
    I'm not looking for accommodation unfortunately, but since Goldsmiths is south of the river, probably easier to get to the uni if you're looking in SE London as well...perhaps? There are good transport links to New Cross anyways! Good luck in finding accommodation tho :) fingers crossed we will hear something soon :D
  2. I also had a conditional offer from Goldsmiths. Like you guys, I sent everything off, and have received my CRB certificate. I've also had my academic qualification certificates returned so I'm assuming it's all OK! My offer letter made no reference to the number of places being one of the 'conditions' and I can't remember them mentioning it in the interview. Maybe they know the number of places they are offering by now - I certainly hope so!
    I'm not looking for accommodation either, but good luck with it.
  3. Hey guys
    I spoke to Goldsmiths the other day about my conditional and they said they were still waiting for my occ health to come back from the dr so perhaps there's a delay there with everyone. They also said if I haven't heard anything in about 2 weeks to call again and they'll chase or advice me to chase them. Something was mentioned about the person who does those forms isn't in at the mo. So fingers crossed we'll know soon enough!

    Are you going fresh out of uni or are you an ''independent'' student like me (25)?

    Either way, dead excited!!
  4. Have you head anything yet? I'm still in the same situation... I'm just starting to think about accomodation too don't know what I'm going to do yet, where are you looking?
  5. Hey Sorry I've only just seen this! Well I just called the medical centre as I'd still not heard about it after all this time and started wondering if they ever even GOT my form! They said it's been received and is actually due to be sent to admissions next week in their weekly run so phew!

    As for accom. I'm toying with staying where I am in West London because although it's a trek it's cheap, nice area and I can't be bothered to move! On the other hand I'm probably going to apply for halls out of ease and being with students. Otherwise I may try finding somewhere around Greenwich as it's rather nice and not far from New Cross!

    What are you thinking of doing?
  6. Hey everyone, I've been offered a 'conditional' offer on the drama PGCE course to start at Goldsmiths in September. Still waiting for my offer to become 'unconditional' as well: I have completed everything require so just waiting for them to do this! I am currently living south east with good transport links to New Cross but I am looking to move into a house share with other PGCE students at the university. If any one is interested in house sharing please let me know!

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