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Goldsmiths Applicants

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rosyhart, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. No it definitely wasnt from you, it was in the.. Got an Interview... Share your news thread and literally just said they had got an interview for PGCE Primary Goldsmiths and it was in January. That makes me nervous but surely would hear if had been rejected and passed to second choice. What is your second choice? I get my exam dates for January on Monday so I might ring then to advise them which dates I would be unavailable!!! You are definitely not the only one I looked round on that beautiful weekend in September and fell in love with the place!! One of my friends who literally applied 2 weeks ago just got an interview in Leeds! I am so nervous! Good to know you applied earlier and still havent heard! Phew!
  2. Ah-ha! Yes, I think | saw that post too!! Now if it's the one I'm thinking of I was completely gutted that someone had heard and I hadn't even though I got my application in so early and when I looked back I noticed it was Jan 2011! So if we're thinking of the same post it was an old thread that had been refreshed. I'm sure that's the case and I haven't misunderstood. because I can't imagine it would be complete Radio Silence as there seems to be now. On top of that I'm convinced that I especially would have heard that my application had been rejected or I had an interview because A. my application was in so early and B. I have been in touch with Admissions to arrange and early interview and they said that they would make sure that I was either seen early or that my application would promptly be released to my second choice.
    My second choice is LSBU. I liked that there was the opportuinity to work in an AEL and that previous students had done such varied things. What's yours? I really had trouble choosing my second choice and to be honest it was a bit of a toss-up. As far as I'm can see the PGCE Primary London course providers seem to offer very similar PGCEs with a focus on inclusion and diversity preparing you for work in urban schools. Fab! But very difficult to draw a line between them when it comes to choosing. I looked at the league tables but the differnece were marginal so I really didn't pay a huge amount of attention to them I have a friend who went to LSBU so I've been to the campus and seen it's a ood place with good facilities and resouces available (and it's not too far from my flat!) so in the end I punted for that. I also thought the opportunity to work in an ael (albeit for three weeks) does being something new to the table.
    How about you? Did you struggle to find it hard to pick a second choice or did one jump out at you?
    I am so nervous toooo! If you call them to let them know your exams dates, could you please pretty please ask them the question on everybody's lips and find out when we might hear?

  3. I have an interview on 5th December....eeeek!
  4. Me too! What time is your interview? I have 8.30. Are you applying for upper primary as well?

    Does anyone know anymore information regarding teaching a skill?
  5. Hey taira!

    I'm in at 1245 and yup, for Upper Primary too. No idea about teaching a skill...that was a bit of a curve ball!

    How are you feeling about the tests? Have you been revising?
  6. <h1>Hello!!! I am 12:45 too WOOWOO :) so excited.... interesting to see what people will do as a skill :s unexected!! so excited/nervous</h1>
  7. Goodness I have no idea why my font went absolutely crazy then!!! Anyway.. it MEANT to say that I am also in the 12:45 interview next Monday - absolutely elated/terrified!!!! Will be so interesting to see what other people teach as their skill - most unexpected I definitely need a good think about what to do there!!! Very excited!!!
    My second choice was IOE because it is central but I felt rather unpassionate about it whereas I absolutely loved Goldsmiths!! Fingers crossed :) See you next week at our rigorous interview process!!!
  8. Ah rosy, how funny that we are in the same interview! I wonder how big the groups will be, an ideas?
    I have posted a question about teaching the skill on this forum and on the Primary forum as well just to generate a bit of discussion about this task. Thought that might be of interest for you guys.
    Best of luck and keep us all posted on here.

  9. Hey there - so is anyone else attending 8.30 slot?
    I spoke to a friend that interviewed at Goldsmiths in 2010 and completed in July, he said that the maths test was more of a 'see where you're at' but suggested knowing fractions, percentages and a formula for speed/time/distance. He said the interview was informal for him, but that obviously depends on who is the interviewer!!
    I've been doing a little GCSE bitesize revision for the maths, just to check I am not totally off my game, have been double checking my phonemes and phonices and the parts of speech.

    As for the teach a skill, it's a difficult one - do you go for an actual life skill which may in turn be a tad boring or do you teach a skill where there's creativity involved?
    Any ideas anyone?

  10. Hi all,
    Just had to bump this up to the top again and ask... has anyone heard anything?!?! I'm assuming the complete radio silence means no but just thought I'd check.
    I know they said two weeks, which isn't quite up yet, but it's really quite difficult going about your daily business with all your fingers and toes crossed...
  11. Hi Boosid,
    I also interviewed on the 5th and am still waiting to hear! Fingers crossed it shouldn't be too long now.
  12. I have a conditional offer!!

    I have called Admissions because there were no conditions stated in the offer on track so I presume that it is only conditional because they possible processed the before they had their allocations? I've got an email address to contact the course administrator who isn't in today.

    Anyone else!?
  13. I HAVE A CONDITIONAL OFFER TOO!!! WOOOOWOOOO!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Do we apply for the CRB check ourselves? bit confused about that part will probably give them a call next week to verify everything! absolutely OVER THE MOON! Congrats xxx
  14. Yes, I have no idea about that and the health check etc. Admissions told me to contact Hannah Pring for details. I've got her email address if you need it but that was also who emailed me with intervierw details.
    The other conditions listed were standard course requirements that I have already achieved (ie. more that a 2:2, C or above in Maths and English etc etc ) so I presume it's just verifying it all, right?
    ...can we celebrate!? I AM SO PLEASEDDDDD!!!!!!
  15. I got a conditional offer too!!! I'm doing Lower Primary....I think the conditions are that they simply haven't been told how many they can have on the course yet by the government. I'm hoping that it won't turn into a rejection after the New Year... :D
  16. Hello,
    I have a conditional offer for Upper Primary!! YAAAAYYY!! Think I had same interview day as some of you who've posted here (PM 5th December). Spent the last two weeks reliving the weakest parts of my teach-a-skill and wincing, but clearly i obsessed too much! Really looking forward to it, assuming my 2 year old daughter doesn't strangle me first (she has very tight grip on my jugular as i'm trying to type...)
  17. Hey all! I think I was on your table as well! I did the hand clapping game? I got an offer too :) obv a conditional offer with all the checks! Hoping this means I can get excited now :) well done everyone Estelle X
  18. well done estelle!!! You were on our table :) excellent that at least 3 out of the 4 of us got places!!! Just tried to call Admissions office to find out re CRB/GTC declaration.. any ideas what we need to do? x

  19. Ah well done Estelle! I didn't see your earlier post, be great to see some friendly faces in September!

    So, I emailed Hannah Pring today about it all and got a pretty swift response saying sit tight basically. At least we'll get the info soon:

    <font face="Arial" size="2" color="#0000ff">Dear Courtney, </font>

    The offer pack containing information concerning your offer
    and the necessary paperwork concerning CRB disclosure and Occupational Health
    Questionnaire was mailed yesterday and should be with you over the next couple
    of days.

    <font face="Arial" size="2" color="#0000ff">Kind regards, </font>

    Hannah Pring.
  20. Courtney I think I remember you from the interviews! You were the actress yes? I'm Katie the blonde girl who is working in a boarding school. Well done for getting a place! :D yeyyyy

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