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Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Any ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Rachelmabbutt, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hi I'm a student in my final year on teaching practice and would like to do the topic; Goldilocks and the three bears for a week.

    Does any one have any good ideas for any subjects

  2. Hi I'm a student in my final year on teaching practice and would like to do the topic; Goldilocks and the three bears for a week.

    Does any one have any good ideas for any subjects

  3. Hey. If you search for Goldilocks in the Resources section of this website, you might find some ideas.

    Get some pictures of the story and get the children to cut them up and put it in the correct order and then write their story underneath.

    You could make porridge?

    In maths you could order the bears, bowls, chairs, beds in size order.

    I know there is only a few ideas here but i hope it helps.
  4. Ellweston

    Ellweston New commenter

    We've just done a week on Goldilocks in a reception class, we turned our role-play corner into the three bears cottage, having 3 different size chairs and bowls, a kitchen and of course some porridge oats!

    We did porridge tasting, using salt, honey and sugar flavour and we made a class graph of the fav flavours.

    We re-enacted the story.

    We looked at speech bubbles, and wrote what goldilocks said about the porridge, chairs and bed.

    Did lots of math games - sizes of bears, colour sorting of bears, ordering numbers on bears, weighing bears.

    We made bear shaped biscuits.

    The children all brought in their favourite bear and we disccused and wrote what we loved about our bears then painted them.

    Erm...think that was it, hope that helps.

  5. Try the big book 'Goldilocks and 3 Bears'; it accompanies the song "When Goldilocks Went to he House of the Bears" (in fact that might be the title!!)

    The song goes

    When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears
    Oh what did her blue eye see?
    A bowl that was big
    A bowl that was small
    A bowl that was tiny
    and that was all
    She counted them 1,2,3

    Then it goes through chairs, bed, bears and ends with grr, grr, grr increasing in sound
  6. Just uploaded

    FREE Goldilocks Story sequence - simple set of 4 pictures

    Also new: Goldilocks number resource and Baby Bear Jigsaw in Traditional tales category

    at www.mychalkface.com

    sorry, just can't resist this:-
    -you can do a teddy bear timeline (very old bear, middle aged bear- and new bear)what differences do they see?
    -Goldilocks Rap (from 2 Tapping Teddies)
    -Goldilocks Tale (actually a chant) from 3 Singing Pigs
    -PE Going on a Bear Hunt/ Isnt it Funny (How a Bear Likes Honey)ring game
    -value of respecting other peoples property
    - put Goldilocks face on Roamer/pixie, make the grid into a forest with bears cottage at one end and her house at the other- give directions for how to get home

  7. Tell the story, then using fur lined coats turned inside out for the bears, and a wig or even some gold tinsel for Goldilocks, do a role play with various children dressed in character (using the simple suggested above)allow the other children to ask any of the characters questions eg Goldilocks, how did you feel when you woke up and saw the bears looking at you?/ Why did you go into the cottage without being invited? Mother(or Father) Bear: How dod you make the porridge? Baby Bear: Would you have liked Goldilocks to stay and play?....
    You could also set up children in role as Mrs. Locks(?!) and Mother Bear having a phone conversation- perhaps Mother Bear rang to check Goldilocks got home safely.....

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