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Goldilocks and 3 bears-ideas for provision please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ericag, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi there, Doing Goldilocks in nursery this week. I am totally brain dead for nice activities. We set up the 3 bears role play last week, got porrige in the tuff spot with graded spoons/bowls, making porrige, sequencing story, sorting items by size etc. Stuck for mark-making, creative and malleable activties. Ideas greatly welcomed!! Role on half term!!
  2. Once my Nursery children were very familiar with Goldilocks, we spent time looking at the book A Chair for Baby Bear.

    We wrote thank you letters to Goldilocks from Baby Bear, and did some designing and making of chairs (well mainly it was dismantled cardboard boxes and tubes with lots of exciting bits attached, but the children were clear that they were constructing for a particular purpose!)

  3. Thanks everyone-lovely ideas. I more sleep.......!!!!
  4. sara2323

    sara2323 New commenter

    We made the three bears! used felt to cut shape of bears and then stiched most and chn filled and also did some stitching- with help.

    We also tasted porridge, listened to a cd of the story in listening area, matched pictures, received letter from the bears and sent a reply back!

  5. Saw some fantastic problem-solving work done by a group of boys in the junk modelling and overspilling into construction in one school I went in trying to make a chair for baby bear that wouldn't collapse. They had a bit of help from the TA in terms of holding bits still while they sellotaped things on and the like - but were having a fantastic discussion and trying things out by pressing on each other's designs... of course you do have the risk that one will get pancaked that way by overzealous testing!

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