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Going to Abu Dhabi in August (ADEC) via Canadian Recruitment

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Thisismytruth, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    1. You might just scrape by on 3,000 a month but it would be a pretty basic standard of living. It all depends on whether you want to do anything at all in the evenings. An average pint out of happy hours (and there are many) is about 33dhs. Eating out (away from Malls) can also be expensive.

    2. It certainly won't be a bed of roses. If you have no TEFL qualification or experience, you'll find it tough. Student levels of English are low. Even if you are TEFL trained, delivering the ADEC curriculum is very challenging.

    3. Not driving is an option because there are plenty of taxi and buses are really cheap if you enjoy the crush!

    4. It was recently announced that ADEC will align national school holidays with those of international schools next year. Whether it does or not remains to be seen.

    5. There is a wide range of people teaching here. They are mainly Americans and Canadians though.

    Please PM me for more details.

  2. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    Rubbish TES site. Does not take Chrome's formatting. Useless!
  3. I've taught in a British School, not an Arabic one. I assume less support and less empathy with staff/students, but these are not insurmountable problems, if you have the right mindset, i.e., don't expect too much, be resourceful, get on with it and bank the money.
    I still intend to go as I've been teaching over 10 years and I have always had to work hard for little reward.
    Are there any other more sinister or awful problems?

    Also, are you there now? Send me a pm.

  4. As a LT, the cost you will incur is food and utilities and transport to work. 3000 will cover cost of food and bills. You should be able to send the rest home.

    ADEC onhour contacts, no problem with that, only expect NO support from them when you are on the ground in a school, I am afraid, you will be on your own.

    Depends where they put you, if your in Al Ain or Abu Dhabi thats great, but if you are in the western region, well, its know as the empty quarter, no second guess why???

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