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Going to a gig alone - sad or not?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by unhappylil, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hello.

    Just looking for any opinions on this - there are lots of gig I would like to go to but my friends don't like the same type of music that I like unfortunately.

    I have really got into Rufus Wainwright lately and i have noticed he is touring and am very tempted to buy a ticket for myself, I am very much a believer of not wasting opportunities as life is too damn short as it is!

    Have you ever been to a gig alone and not felt a bit silly?

  2. I have never been to a gig on my own, but I have been to other things, including holidays. I am a great believer that life is short and you should take opportunities when you can. The main problem is that activities such as gigs or cinema (which I have often gone to alone) is that it is nice to talk about what you have seen with someone! Would I ever go to a gig alone? Probably yes.
  3. I've been to the cinema, theatre, opera and concerts by myself and once the lights go down and the performance starts, it makes no difference. I would go!
  4. primarycat

    primarycat Star commenter

    i haven't been to gig alone but would, do go to cinema quite happily on my own. My Mum and Mr PC, both of whom travel for work a lot, also eat out alone when abroad and make the most of chances thrown their way. Why miss out?
  5. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    I've been to loads of gigs by myself, it's not a problem at all. The only bit that's a bit rubbish is waiting around for bands to come on as it's pretty boring - if I'm not bothered about the support band then I tend to try and time it so I arrive just before the main act come on, so I'm not hanging around with no-one to talk to. That said though, I've been to gigs where I've got chatting to other people between bands so it can be OK. I say go and enjoy yourself!
  6. Sad/not sad? If you want to go, go. There's no stigma about it.Go and enjoy it. There's enough grief in life without it carrying over into your personal leisure time.
  7. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    I have been to gigs on my own-go and enjoy it. You dont always need other people to go with you. I am going to see Jools Holland on May-on my own cos non of my family or friends are interested. I go every year and have a great time. Enjoy!!
  8. Once the concert starts, even if you are with others, you stay quiet and listen/watch what is happening on stage. Go for it.
    I went to see Tangerine Dream in 2010 as my first concert alone. I wanted to see them again, but knew no body else in my circle of friends would want to go. Got chatting to the person sat next to me, who had also gone alone. I had travelled from Hull to London, he had come over from Germany.
  9. A lot of bands' websites have a " fan area". Check these out as people quite often arrange fan meet ups at gigs. perhaps you could join in with one of these.

    BTW, remy, how are The Tangs nowadays...I saw them on the Richocet tour in the mid 70s and they blew me away.
  10. Thanks all for your comments. I am going to take the plunge and book myself a ticket - exciting! Sparklepig - I hope you enjoy Jools Holland, I think he is fantastic!
  11. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I'm glad you've decided to take the plunge. I've been to several gigs on my own and had a great time. You often get better seats when booking one ticket as there are usually a few odd ones near the front.
  12. I saw them also in 1975, that was at York Minster. Only Edgar Froese left, but some good musicians with him. 2010 was the 'Zeitgeist' tour. I would recommend the DVD 'Live in Lisbon'. Basically the same concert I saw at the Royal albert Hall, 3 hours 20 minutes, you'll enjoy it.
  13. Thanks remy, I'll look out for that.
    One of my all time favourite albums is Edgar Froese's Epsilon in Malaysian Pale.
  14. 576

    576 Established commenter

    Let me tell you what is sad.
    Missing out on something (could be anything, gig, holiday) that you want to do because there is no one to do it with.
    I do most things on my own - it's great - no compromise over what to do or when, no wondering if something is too expensive for the other person.
    Life is short (and the death of a school friend's little sister is an all too real reminder of that right now) so provided it's legal and moral - do what you want to do.
    I know people who won't even go to the cinema on their own - that is sad.
  15. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter


  16. Very true 576!
  17. Well said.
    I've been to Poland a couple of times and wanted to visit Auschwitz. The first time I didn't go, because my husband didn't want to. Second time I just thought it's now or never. I booked the ticket and went on my own. I'm really glad I did.
  18. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Totally agree that the sad part would be not doing the things you fancy and very often by doing those things you end up meeting more people who may turn into friends one day who you do things with - hope you enjoy it.
  19. All booked - roll on November! :)
  20. MrsArmitage

    MrsArmitage Occasional commenter

    I am also going to see the fabulous Rufus in November - which venue are you going to?

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