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Going part time

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Lennybun, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    sorry to hear your friend is having a tough time. My advice is based purely on my own experiences. I was given a doctor's note and advised to return to work with reduced duties and part time working hours with reduced exposure to challenging classes. However, my school weren't able to do this just like that so I have had to stick it out full time. It's not that easy to rejig timetables once they're set. Also, going part time means it takes him longer to complete the NQT year. Also, in the NQT year, if you have more than 29 days off sick then you have to make this time up/get an extension.

    I find myself in a similar position and am trying to avoid going sick for the reasons you list above so personally I'm planning to resign at Easter. However, that may not be realistic for everyone. Does he have another job to go to? Can he find one between now and then?
    best of luck!
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    In the circumstances there is no guarantee that going part time is the answer. if the issues ar around behavious and support then these are the factors that need to be tackled. In some instances going part time creates more pressure- more work in less time. He needs to discuss the issues with his mentor and use union support if needed. Induction requirements are very specific and if he feels that the school are letting him down then he should speak up.
  3. There are issues here that should be brought to the attention of the LA. First of all NQTs should not be employed in schools that are on special measures UNLESS they are already teaching at the school and the school goes into special measures whiule they are doing their induction year. To take on a NQT in a school that is in special measures the school must obtain the consent of an HMI who assesses whether or not the school can support the NQT.
    So in some ways the school is not able to support the NQT, for example a NQT should not be given a 'known' challenging class and, if it is possibly the worst in the school then the class should not be with an NQT.
    If there are health issues then that must be the priority. Your friend must seek help from their GP. The LA should also be putting in extra support and if they are not they should be contacted and appraised of the situation.
    Whether it is full time or part time is, in some ways not the issue it is the support and whether or not hge should be in that sort of school at all.
    I would also contact the union for help and support as they can be told much more detail than can be released on a public forum like this.

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