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going on holiday with 2 yr olds

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by pancake99, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    finally its got to that time where we want to get away but with twins it seems to be a logistics nightmare from getting all the luggage and buggy in the car to the plane journey, the other end, the picky eating etc
    anyone got any suggestions to make life easier - we are looking to go abroad
  2. We have a holiday to Spain booked for September, not with twins but with 8 month old and 3 year old. My thoughts are short plane ride, local airport, day flights, family type hotel with creche and kids club (so something for both age groups), playground etc. A lot of hotels provide high chairs, cots, push chairs etc. My thoughts are dont be scared (but obviously havent taken 2 before haha). We went abroad with 18 month old and the worst bit was the airport tbh.
  3. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Would a cross channel ferry be do-able for you?
    We're going to take a 4 month old away to France in a Thomson al fresco caravan / lodge for a week self catering.
    We've chosen a campsite called La Croix du Vieux Pont near Paris.
  4. We took 4 month old to France last year on overnight ferry. Only had short drive the other end (1.5) hours. Worked out really well and LO was a dream. We have booked to go OS by plane this year so LO can meet some elderly friends of ours. We are renting an appt but am worried about it. Bundling stuff into a car was easy in many respects. Hope you have a good holiday.
  5. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    ooh sounds interesting, thanks to you and everyone, im still checking replies.
    im also thinking of the luggage problem - cant fit 2 suitcases and a buggy in one car, let alone handluggage with nappies etc in! (if on a plane)
    Must be an ultra effecient mum out there who knows these ropes! x
  6. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I've been away with my 9 month old and found it much better than I thought! I pre ordered cartons of milk to collect at the airport so that saved me having to pack it. I took jars of baby food (although the hotel made freshly prepared purees so you could maybe look into that?) and I also took nappies but they sold pampers there so I shouldn't have bothered! Could you check what is available where you are thinking of going to save packing certain things? The airlines let us take the buggy for free and our LO also had 10kg of luggage, I think some airlines are more generous than others. I think we could have taken a travel cot for free too but the hotel provided one for us. I can't remember what else you asked and am on my phone so can't check but it was much easier than I thought and we had great time!
  7. Last year we went on holiday with my parents to the Isle of Mull which was excellent - my folks know when is good to let us all do our own thing and when to step in and give us a break (and enjoy their grandchild in the process). This year were going to France (ferry - second that) with SIL and kids - we have basically agreed that we will work out some time so each couple has some time to themselves without kids, as well as some fun excursions all together.

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