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Going from an Independent school to a State school

Discussion in 'Independent' started by Rock chick0, May 22, 2011.

  1. cupoftea63

    cupoftea63 New commenter

    I am moving from a teaching role in an independent school back to a State school this September and was wondering about my pay. I am paid an independent salary at the mo which is a lot less than what I should be on in State schools. I was on M6 before starting the role at the independent school so does the State school have to pay me on the Main Scale point I was on before I started at the independent school? It wasn't mentioned at the interview so can I assume I will be on M6 again? Hope that makes sense?!
    Thank for your help!
  2. Just come across your post but don't know if you'll see this as was some time ago.

    I also am returning to state from indie in sep. When I was last in state I was also on M6. I applied for threshold then so that when/if I returned I would be on u1 (which I am with no questions asked). If you were on M6 last then you will be on that at least but if you haven't already applied for threshold can do so in your first term as you are entitled to.
  3. cupoftea63

    cupoftea63 New commenter

    Thank you, that's reassured me! I still haven't my contract as such to confirm anything yet but I am hoping to find out this week. Thanks for the advise about the upper pay scale too, will definitely look into that!
  4. lasketchup

    lasketchup New commenter

    Out of interest, how easy is it moving from independent (back) to state? I'm considering applying for a job in an independent school but have been warned that it may be the end of my career in state education and that it would be extremely difficult to make the move back.
  5. Interesting question.

    I am state but have just done a year in an indie school and am now moving back. I was a bit worried about being able to get back but I don't think it disadvantaged me in job apps (it's just difficult to get a job at the moment full stop!) I think indie teachers who have never worked in state are frowned upon a bit by state schools as not being able to hack it behaviour wise but if you have a decent amount of experience in state education then this wouldn't be in question I don't think. Also, it possibly makes you more attractive to high-achieving state schools/grammars.
  6. I moved from a first job in an independent into a state school with no problems at all. However, you may have some major prejudices to overcome both at interview and from a few colleages!
    Since everyone seems to be results focussed it may even work to your advantage (successful track record etc....)
  7. cupoftea63

    cupoftea63 New commenter

    I think it can also depend on how long you have been in the independent system. I was only in it for a year and a half and I had a few interviews so I don't think it was frowned upon. However, colleagues in my independent school have commented a few times that they wouldn't even try looking at state schools again as they have been in Indie for many years. I think it depends on the Head who is interviewing too. Many will like the fact you have had a different experience, others will think you'll have no clue about state school issues and demands.
    Oh and I now know I am back on the state school pay scale...Hurray! Thank goodness for that! :)
  8. cupoftea63

    cupoftea63 New commenter

    Oh and if you are thinking of going into the indie school system, do check out your pay and benefits as you may have to take a big cut.On the other hand you might find a huge increase! It depends on the school. I know money isn't everything but if you rely on a certain salary, this may be a factor to consider. :)
  9. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    For moving into the indy sector, read the clickables inside the Welcome thread.
    Best wishes

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    A new <u>Moving into Headship and SLT</u> seminar is on 18 June.
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  10. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Not everyone will agree with that! When I retired as Director of Music from an independent school I was on a salary equivalent to the midpoint of a headteacher's salary scale in the state sector.
    Remember, there are huge differences in the independent sector.

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