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going for an interview tips on what to expect please!!!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by ld7675, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. ld7675

    ld7675 New commenter

    Hello, can anyone give me useful pointers please?? After three years in early years I have decided to apply for jobs in schools for greater security and job prospects. I've just had a phone call inviting mme for an interview for SEN teaching assistant, at a large local primary school. I have been told to expect an observation exercise to start with, after which unsuccessful applicants will be sent home, successful applicants then get interviewed. I think this is to see how candidates operate with groups of children. There are six candidates in total.
    If I get through to the interview stage there are basic maths and english tests (which I am reasonably confident on) and then safeguarding questions. I have plenty of early years experience but am wondering how safeguarding issues might be different in a school environment.
    I know competition for TA jobs is fierce, particularly as this is a permanent role, so am not going to expect great things this time but would like perform as well as possible on the day.
    Also any good excuses to give my current employer which might allow me to return to work after the first half hour if not successful? I was thinking emergency orthodontist/dentist appointment for one of my children but any better reasons would be welcome? They are very sensitive where I work and so cannot book the time off at the moment and be honest!!

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