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Going back on temporary basi

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by Lindaminh, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Lindaminh

    Lindaminh New commenter

    Suddenly I find myself helping out school by going back two days a week just till February half term. There is a training day last day so I expect to teach seven days. My old class, ( but different kids) has really suffered as their teacher has been ill since Christmas and now not expected back. It's special ed so getting supply teachers doesn't work. I feel a sense of loyalty both to school and the kids so will help them out whilst they recruit.
    My queries are
    Do I have to contact pensions? I retired from April 30th.
    My Union membership lapsed. Do any do temporary or is it immoral to take advantage of one unions free for a year deal when I have no intention of teaching further.
  2. applecrumblebumble

    applecrumblebumble Lead commenter

    As long as you are earning less than you were when working before (very likely), working 2 days will not affect you pension pay out. I would join a union or as you said or make use of 1 year free provided to meet their terms and conditions for 1 year free. It's always nice to feel appreciated.
  3. LyndaRoque

    LyndaRoque New commenter

  4. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    You need to refer to your salary of reference for what you can earn before it affects your pension - details on TPS site. there is a form for you and employer to fill in for TPS about what you earn.
    Unions have a reduced rate for retired members or take the free option.
  5. Lindaminh

    Lindaminh New commenter

    Thanks people, I think I will probably sign up for the free year, the retired wouldn't cover me teaching and the part time is fifty odd which would be a chunk out of seven days pay.
    It is nice to feel appreciated and I am looking forward to some contact with the kids. But without long term commitment to paperwork etc etc. you never know I may decide to do a little supply later on.
  6. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    If you retired at 60, you have to tell TPS that you're teaching again. If you took ARB -early retirement- then they don't need to know. It's best to check with them.
  7. Lindaminh

    Lindaminh New commenter

    Thanks. I did retire early on arb at 57 but I will ring them to check. I took the year free membership to cover myself and will try and opt out of any further pension contributions as it will be such a small amount from seven days. I loved being with the kids last week and school just want me to give class some stability rather than getting into paperwork. I looked set some if the new paperwork staff are doing and it made me feel so grateful to be out of it.
  8. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    I retired about 3 years ago. Since I had done 15 years of mostly supply and temporary contracts, my teachers pension is less than £2,000 per year. I did some supply and have recently taken a part time contract. As a result I have to repay all the pension I have been paid.
  9. Linraff

    Linraff New commenter

    Oh dear whelk, what a shame.
    As I had taken arb, pensions said they didn't need to know as dunteachin said.
    So looking forward to going back to my retirement life after next week. I have loved being with the kids but had increased headaches and migraines . I had always felt a bit guilty about going early so now I know for sure I have made the right decision for me and my health ...

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