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Going back into teaching, which union? The NASUWT or the NEU?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mw500, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Or any other union that is recommended for teachers on supply?
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Definitely be in a union but also look into separate legal cover as a backup. Perhaps through household insurance etc.

    I paid union fees for 10 years and when I needed them the most they were USELESS. The one you name with 3 letters. Of course that is only my experience. Others may have had a different experience.

    I would look into getting separate legal cover in some form as an add on.
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  3. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    I think there is definitely a case for saying that some union representation now is pretty p*ss poor. In my daughter's case they were dire and she was very badly served. However it would be foolish to teach whilst not having it in the background as in a worst case scenario.
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  4. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Thanks for the advice, appreciate it!
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  5. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Thank you! I will look into that.
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  6. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I was with the ATL, which merged with the NUT to create the NEU and I am not happy, in that the NEU seems more militant. I am a moderate type of person and that is why I joined the ATL and I am finding the new union far more political. However they are a bigger union and have more power in theory.
  7. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Cheers! I appreciate your feeding back. It has to be in balance I guess. Too small or not forceful on key matters and you be ignored.
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  8. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    I'm in NASUWT which has or had a special rate for supply teachers. Not sure as I'm permanent now. They also run training courses for supply teachers.
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  9. thewritingsupply

    thewritingsupply Occasional commenter


    I am on a fractional plan with them, which they can do if you advise how many days a week on average you may work.
  10. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Thanks for this info @thewritingsupply - I let my NUT membership expire a while back and was going to rejoin. However, I chose the NAS/UWT partly because of advice on here and partly because it was the union I joined nearly 40 years ago! As work seems to be picking up now, I thought I should be in a union again! I am grateful to this thread for nudging me in the right direction.
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  11. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Just a thought - is PAT still going?
    mw500 likes this.
  12. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Thank you!
  13. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Was it ever going?:confused:
    mw500 likes this.
  14. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Thks, another for consideration! Its now called the Voice or just Voice. People might think you're going onto the TV show when you mention being in the Voice! Hmm!
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  15. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Unions are o.k. for sending out newsletters, marches, etc. When something serious happens like being in an accident or having allegations made against you, then they are not so good.

    From someone who was in a union and worked in schools for ten years, I would advise anyone in a school to of course be in a union but to also ensure they have separate legal cover.

    Schools are very dangerous places to ne in.
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  16. mw500

    mw500 New commenter

    Thanks everyone!
    I'm going with the union that provides 12 months free membership as I'm not earning yet. I will look into separate legal cover too.
    Best wishes!
  17. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Whichever Union you choose you should be claiming tax relief on the subscription. It's an allowable expense for tax relief. You contact your tax office (ask your employer which tax office is linked to your work) and tell them how much you pay annually and what proportion of the subs is eligible for tax relief. Your union will tell you that last detail. Some Union subs include a political levy and that part is not eligible for tax relief.
    If you have been paying Union subs for a few years but haven't claimed tax relief so far, you can clawback a tax rebate for the last 4 tax years. For any claims made up to the 5th April 2020 you can backclaim for 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20. One day later and you lose the right to get the tax back on 2016-17.

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