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Gnorman the Gnome...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Angie51, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Hello I live in Nottinghamshire and whilst on an NQT training day i picked up a set of 'letters' from Gnorman the Gnome. It is a set of maths investigations on building houses, costs of house based on floor space and walls, size of fences to go round houses, building the houses from nets etc.
    The only problem is there are no Teachers' instructions or background info - the houses are based on cubes, but i can't work out what the rules are - only allowed so many cubes or as many as you like.
    Has anyone met Gnorman? Worked with his housing issues? If I can find the rest of the instructions / rules then I would happily sort it out to post on the resources board, but as it stands, I only have a hard copy and I would not be happy to type it up to post it if the post was going to be incomplete :(
    Any help or information would be greatly appreciated and of course the R.S.P.C.G would welcome the new houses that would be built to keep all the gnomes warm this winter.
  2. bump!
  3. We do this at our school and have joined up with the Gnomeo and Juliet the Movie to make it a fun end to the term.
  4. Each home in Gnomes Ville is limited to 4 cubes (4 rooms). Can be planned on triangular spotty paper.
    Cost of land - £5
    Cost of painting exposed sides - 50p
    Each garden is limited to 5 squares (can be planned on square spotty paper)
    I explained this to the students as the Gnome local council has planning regulations so that all Gnomes are treated equally.
    Cost of land £5 for garden
    My classes will then make their Gnome homes and gardens (nets of shapes lesson).
    One of our teachers then made a fantastic display of the whole village!
    Competition for the students...Name the Village/street.
    Hope this helps.
    My year 7s are loving it!
  5. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    This sounds interesting especially for an end of year activity. Is it copyright or can it be posted on TES Resources? I would need to bring it down in level but I can see the potential for bright Y2s.

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