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Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by conival77, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. GLOW...does ANYBODY like it?
  2. Personally I find it very difficult to navigate and find things. I don't know if it is just my school being inefficient, but nothing seems to be in the right place. I find it such a waste of money as well, as I don't see a big difference between communication now and communication pre- GLOW. When there are massive budget cuts, surely GLOW should go before frontline staff. It is a luxury we can't afford.
  3. "Like" is a difficult word to really get behind. Its a tool, I use it. I most often make use of the search function to get ideas other schools have used!
  4. I hate it, with a passion. The staff hate it, The kids hate it.
    It's ineffective, inefficient and the most user <u>UN</u>friendly site on the planet. Upsets me to think about how many hours of auxiliary or classroom assistant help it could have bought instead of flushing the money down the proverbial plughole.
  5. Started off disliking it but then actually started to use it and it is ok. Navigation around the 'our site' is ok but that's beacuase I set it up [​IMG]
    The pupils are comfortable using it and so are most of the staff. The usual dinosaurs are refusing to look at it but then they wouldn't look at anything which is IT based. Plus compared to Seemis it is the best software in the world but that's another issue.
  6. I liked it for keeping snow-bound pupils in touch (those who didn't lose power/phone lines) and for reminding of homework. Children took to it well. I don't think it's as good as it should have been though -it always seems a few steps behind the times.
  7. I think it has become trendy for staffroom cynics to slag 'Glow' off, but I really like it. A proposed change is to make it into a kind of "classroom friendly Facebook for schools" which I think just enhances it - but the resources are added to daily and we have many units in our English department downloaded from Glow. It is fantastic - give it a try!!!
  8. This already exists and it is free! Edmodo and the pupils really like using it
  9. I like using it - my school is a tiny-island one, and it's very good for keeping in touch with the other tiny-island schools, and our headteacher too.
    We've done plays using it too, and the minister did his Easter service on it this year.
    But - I've forgotten my password since starting back this year! D'oh, need to get on it!
  10. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I'll just "pass" on commenting on this or I'll get a reputation for being the most grumpy old woman on this board!
  11. Nice if you can get on it. I work at a private school (residential SEBD LAC) and we can't use it unless our school pays the government an enormous amount of money, which they refuse to do.
  12. misterroy

    misterroy New commenter

    If its snowy, let them have fun. If they have an exam coming up, they should have revision materials. Any resources that are on GLOW could be hosted elsewhere, and free, to both user and taxpayer. A system that takes 40 seconds to bring up the front page doesn't deserve any more of your or your students lifespans.
  13. https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6111434
    At last, the (white) elephant in the room has been acknowledged. How **** does does an Internet resource have to be in order to throw &pound;8M at it, just so it can become more 'credible'?
    Don't re-invest it in GLOW Mr Russell, there's almost nothing it can offer that you can't do better using cheap/free resources that are already out there. Use the 'savings' to upgrade the infrastructure in areas where schools have poor broadband access or ageing hardware that NGfL wanted refreshed every four years, but where there's been nothing new for almost ten years!
  14. I thought this but there were some children in my class who were often snowbound for weeks and got quite fed up. They were keen to keep in touch (and up to speed) with the class. And there was always the opportunity to chat to their friends.
  15. sbf


    Glow is a joke, a sick joke at that.

  16. A plus for this analysis. Spot on.
  17. Freddie92

    Freddie92 New commenter

    So is GLOW dead in the water then?
  18. was it ever alive?
  19. There are just so many sites that can be used by teachers and pupils so much more easily for homework or peer-to-peer task cooperation like 'wordpress' and some google chrome apps that Glow just looks more and more like a dinosaur. I understand the labyrinthine security in place on glow - but a giant intranet is exactly what it looks like.
    As for those that argue it is a good introduction to the internet for veteran teachers - patronising implications there aside - twitter, wordpress and gmail provide much better online facilities more quickly.
  20. Freddie92

    Freddie92 New commenter

    Don't forget the best of all... blogger.

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