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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by glasgowgirl, May 12, 2010.

  1. OK, I switched to IE and now it says I need "web folders" too. Now, having spent ages on TES when it went all snazzy I know I'm happier than most pottering about trying to find work arounds but I'm not sure others are so willing. With TES there is the added fact that it is a free service...we've paid good money for GLOW and it should work better than this.
  2. It told me I needed IE 5 or better to work. Did that and now I need the web folders thing and having looked at that I can't tell which update I need 'cos I have Vista!
  3. Which was in Post 7
    The bottom line is - you were wrong. [​IMG]
    So you hate Glow - who cares! If you are going to try to find excuses not to use it - make sure that they are valid.
  4. It's almost like religion, lol.
    Keep on believin' !
    Most of my issues are with people telling me that I should be enjoying Glow when I am quite clearly not.

  5. I downloaded the update for web folders, and now I am getting an error message "cannot create shortcut here". I think I'm at the limit of my patience now. User friendly it ain't!
  6. I think I just did...
  7. Do you know why you should care, (and it's the reason I argue against the poor functionality) £35million was spent on this and hardly anyone is using it simply because of its lack of ease of use.
    £35million is a lot of money for a glorified noticeboard.
  8. Well said. If glow learn is no good and glow meet hardly ever works then glow doesn't provide us with anything we couldn't have done for free.

  9. My god, I went back and actually read what you wrote there. *** - you're going way back to the initial "only one file = Glow problem" post? That was my point until you told me that I could upload multiple files using XP (or whatever). My point after that was that Glow chose to use an outdated (confirmed since its not in windows 7) tool to enable multiple file uploads instead of using something every computer can run, like flash or java.
    Therfore it is a Glow problem, by design.
    Unless, of course someone other than the Glow programmers chose to use web folders?
    How will Mac users (also part of the Glow community) be able to use this? What about those running a versionof Linux? Are we all forced to use Windows XP if we want to upload more than one file at a time?
    Not Glow's fault. lol. I thought my entertainment for the day was over.
  10. Doesn't seem to work, even with the upgrade.
  11. Somebody is clearly laughing all the way to the bank then.
  12. Ah, so you were wrong then? I have re-read all the posts but have failed to find an admission of this. Wrong on anything else were you?
    The Glow contract was awarded to RM in September 2005. At the time most EAs were using Windows 2000, Windows 98 or even Windows 95. Vista and Windows 7 did not exists. Difficult to build in functionality for a product that is not yet available. Glow pilots took place during 2006 with the full service available in 3rd quarter of 2007. Still no Windows Vista or Windows 7 released. Most EAs now using 2000 some onto XP.
    Hardly - see above.
    Glow is constantly being updated and improved but it will always be playing catch up with the latest Internet tools.
    Yes, this is an issue for these users and they are forced to upload single files. Out of interest, how many schools in your EA use Macs or Linux driven PCs for day to day teaching? And if they do, do they not have access to a Windows PC?
    Tell me, what did you use a couple of years back for video conferencing, collaborative work with colleagues and students across the country or to share resources with colleagues from the Borders to Orkney?
    As I said - keep finding excuses if you wish - just make sure that they are justified.
  13. See, there you go again - try to get your facts and figures correct. It was £37.5m
  14. Have you tried Glow Learn for yourself buggie? I thinks it's kak but that's just my opinion.
    Who says Glow Meet doesn't work - always has for me.
  15. £37.5 million over 5 years!
    Last year this worked out at about 5p per user. For that EAs get technical support, support from RM and LTS education teams, system backup and security, email for large number of EAs, product development and so on.
  16. Last year this worked out at about 5p per user.per year.
    At least you are able to edit your posts and messages on Glow unlike here.
  17. PER DAY!!!!!!!
    Note - I must make more use of the preview feature.
  18. Except that Glow isn't just for teachers and te whole point was that it could be accessed anywhere - otherwise the existing school network was fine.
    TES, FB and email. I still do.
  19. I don't say it was just for teachers. I think you will find that nearly every pupil who has accesses the Internet at home will be through a Windows PC. Looking at the data reports for Glow groups bears this out. I have yet to come across an Internet cafe that uses Macs or Linux PCs and the same applies to libraries.
    You use TES to share resources and collaborate with other students and staff? How do you conduct a video conferencing session with any of these? Is Facebook available through your school network - isn't on ours
  20. Many of mine have Macs. They are better than me at finding work-arounds but I'm still not sure they should have to.
    I use TES and FB to share and collaborate with other staff. I use the school network and email with pupils and the posh video conferencing suite is available should I ever find I need it. I had hoped Glow would add to the mix of technology I use (and in some ways it has) but that doesn't take away from the fact that its basic functionality is clunky and one has to have a really active desire to use it to overcome some of the design "challenges".

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