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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by glasgowgirl, May 12, 2010.

  1. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    'who only has access to Wordpad and no word processing software'
    This is completely nonsensical.
    Go to the OpenOffice website (www.openoffice.org) and download/install OpenOffice. All schools should be using this free software. Openoffice writer, the word processor part of OO, will open more Word formats than some versions of Word.
  2. Elementary IE stuff. Perhaps some training might help?
  3. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I will try this today. Thanks for that, could be the solution. Will let you know how I get on.
  4. Doh! Not sure how I missed that one. Thanks. So how do I upload lost of documents at once?
  5. I doubt any teacher has the admin right sto do this on a school network.
  6. You need to be running Windows XP or 2000, there is a workaround for Vista but the feature is not supported in WIndows 7.
    Navigate to your Documents Web Part.
    Click on the Title in the Title Bar (you'll have to put this back temporarily if you have removed it)
    On the next page choose "Modify Settings and Columns" in the menu to the left.
    Choose "Explorer View" in the Views section at the foot of the page.
    Tick "Make this the default view " on the next page
    Click on "OK"
    Once you have uploaded your files and folders you can change the view back to list if you want.

  7. True. However, there is a perfectly usable word processor which has been procured for Glow users:
    It requires you to be logged into Glow or will take you to Shibboleth authentication.
    Files are stored online, available anywhere and can be shared with any other user for collaborative work. It has many DTP features, Words List feature and you can enable speech feedback. The only drawback is that it cannot be saved or exported offline.
  8. I know you're probably only repeating what you've been told, but I am running windows XP both at home and work and neither computer will allow me to view the documents in an Explorer window.
  9. Fine if you your Internet Options are not locked down. The rest of us have to click the button every single time.
  10. No, from experience.
  11. Must be Glow's fault.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. School is still on 97. Oh well. It was a nice idea.
  14. Airy, have you tried? Give it a go it should work.
  15. And it of course I don't use IE at home so that's a no no.
  16. I have no doubt that you are running XP and are getting multiple file uploads. But stating that because it works or your XP machine means that you need Windows XP is lacking. All it takes is for one example of a computer runnning XP that can't upload multiple files to show that, and I have 2 examples.
    You must either need something switched on that's currently not or you need an addon installed into XP to make it work. What needs to be switched on in XP to make it work? (if you've covered that in training? ;)

  17. I'll try at school. You do realise you're now my Glow go-to person and I'll be pestering you with daft questions on a daily basis?
  18. It should work in any browser - it's XP that makes it work, not the browser.
  19. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/298637
    Web Folders are installed when you install the following:
    • The Web Authoring Components in Internet Explorer 5.x.
    • The Web Publishing or Web Components feature in Microsoft Office 2000 and Office 2002.
    • The following operating systems:
      • Windows 98 SE
      • Windows Me
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows XP
    So it would appear that Microsoft are saying that the feature is installed by default.
    Oh, incidentally multiple upload is working on every PC in our EA - over 3000 in all - all running Windows XP pro on a standard build.
    Maybe you need a technician to look at your PC. Would training help?
    Whatever issues you are having they have SFA to do with Glow.

  20. Really, this picture sums it up perfectly - you'd go to the lengths of creating a screenshot just to prove somthing that I already know but completely bypassing the point I was trying to make in my post. The geek value added to the completely-missing-the-point value is enough entertainment for me today.


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