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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by glasgowgirl, May 12, 2010.

  1. Listen. pal, if you don't liek patronising tones, perhaps you need to rethink what you write in your posts - your earleir posts referring to the parts that were covered in training were patronising to the point of being offensive, but I let it slide because I wasn't interested in starting a slangin match.
    But you won't believe that.
    The first personal post came from your own fingers when you insulted my ability to communicate effectively.

    Taken out of context, it does appear to be questioning you. But in the context of the rest of the post, it was an attempt to clarify that you did not, in fact, know the answer to the question. How you percieve that as questioning your veracity beats me, but whatever. rofl. This is ridiculous.
    Another patronising post. Good luck with Glow. Everyone else will be on Moodle.
  2. Have to back up mathsguy and most of the other uses on this forum.

    Glow is bloody awfull.......its a fact.
    I can log into any number of sites on the net and upload/download/join groups/store work/communicate etc etc instantly. No training needed at all. And thats if your lucky enough to even get a password!!!!!
    Glow is outdated/slow/and fast becoming obsolete. Unless a major re-write and money is thrown at it asap its a dead duck.
    rant over

  3. I know, Durkin. And I didn't mean that as an insult or anything. I meant it more as an adjective than a job title, descriptive of one with a special interest in computer/technical stuff, which you clearly are.
    Next point:
    Whenever anyone complains about Glow, you always come on defending it, suggesting training, and now, tutorials. It's as if you're in denial that there can be anything wrong with Glow. All the problems are with the users. As you say,
    Dear God, man!
    The point is, from my totally non-techie perspective, I want to be able to go into Glow and use the damn thing. I don't WANT tutorials and training, I don't have time or energy for that, and if there's a learning curve, I'm not interested. Neither are my kids, as it happens. The Facebook generation has no time for opacity and clunkiness. No-one needs "training" to use Facebook or Flickr or even, God help me, Yahoogroups, because the interface is completely intuitive, simple, transparent, and user-friendly. Glow is none of the above, and I don't use it, because of that.
  4. Sorry---just to clarify: my post 43 is responding to post 6, in which Durkin said "I'm a teacher" after I labelled him a "techie".
  5. See, the thing is, my eyes glaze over when I read stuff like this, and this is VERY simple, I realise, as techie instructions go. But like many teachers, I have no head for and no interest in HOW the thing works, nor do I have time to put icing on the fkin Glow cake. I just want to USE it. And I can't because for one thing, I have to fiddle around with something called "web parts". At our first training session, I asked the provider from the LA what is a web part and she didn't, um, really know. That's when I first smelled the Glow rat!
  6. Exactement. Thank you, mathsguy.
  7. I've had Glow training twice and I like the concept. I wish it worked like facebook (or even tes) and so so the pupils I manage to persuade into using it.
  8. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    At one end of the spectrum we have teachers struggling with so called 'advanced' entities like Glow and at the other end we have teachers, like me in my current school, who only has access to Wordpad and no word processing software. The kids come in with their written work stored on flash drives, for me to print off in school for them, and I can't even open their files, unless they were able to save it as a rich text file (which many of them can't do, forget to do etc etc). I can't even access any of the daily/weekly bulletins on the server and we don't get paper copies, as the school is becoming a paperless school. It's largely becoming a printer-cartridgeless, photo-copierless and computerless school also. Soon we will be scrapping our high-tec paper registers and simply sending them down to the office telepathically. [​IMG]

  9. How do I do this?
  10. It's like Durkin said. "The functionality is already there in the documents web part itself. All you have to do is change the view from the default setting, which is a list, to Explorer View. You then get a standard Windows Explorer instead of a list and you can drag and drop any number of files just as you would on your desktop." Plain English, surely.
  11. Surely the amount of posts posted in such a short time is indicative of the huge problems with Glow.
    I'm Glow Chief for my school but just can't face trying to explain all the problems and lack of functionality to staff so I will probably resign and give the crappy RM laptop back.
    The major problems trying to get everyone a password also means people have a bad impression of glow before they start using it.
    I haven't used Glow learn yet but that is the reason I became a mentor so if Durkin, who is obviously a fan of Glow, thinks that it's **** it must be bad, really bad.

  12. I've just been on glow and encountered these problems in 5 mins
    1) That bl00dy message about secure and unsecure content popping up everywhere.
    2) A service unavailable message
    3) A new box to tick for my favourite glow groups, I have no favourite glow groups and have no idea how to make a group a favourite
    4) Unable to navigate back to the page I wanted.

    No amount of training is going to fix this. Teachers and, more importantly, pupils will not use glow unless it is vastly improved. To be honest as a department head in difficult financial times I would prefer the money required to fix glow was spent on staffing, teacher CPD (not on how to use glow) and new resources for delivering CFE.
    Recently a mannie came into my room with a tape measure. I asked him fit he was deeing and he says
    "measuring up for your new interactive whiteboard"
    "I already have an interactive whiteboard" I replied "look there it is"
    "a'body's getting new ene's, it will be smaller like"
    "There is nothing wrong with this bigger one I have now, please save your pennies"
    "It has to be in the middle o that wa"
    "I won't use it as much if you put it there because the sun shines through my decrepit old blinds and the toerags canna see it"
    "I ken a few folk are saying that" shakes heed.
    To cut to the point we now have approximately £250 000 of ICT equipment we didn't want, can't afford to fit and probably wont use because our blinds don't block out sunlight. All this to encourage use of GLOW.

  13. I'd like to know how to do this too...Bungle, judging by the accent veryone in your authority is getting one, just at the point where they're talking about more staff cuts. Great, isn't it?
  14. 1. To remove this message generated by Internet Explorer and not Glow
    Open IE. Click on Tools in the Menu Bar
    2. Could be Glow, could be JANET, could be your connection, could be any number of things
    3. This will organise Glow groups into favourites:
    Navigate to a Glow Group>choose "Add to favourites"
    Click "My Glow Groups" and your favourites appear at the top. you also have the option of displaying only your favourites
    4. Use the browser back button.

  15. yes this is the unfortunate case, people are losing their jobs but apparently this money has to be spent on ICT. I though the days of ring-fenced budgets was gone.

  16. And weren't parents supposed to be coming on board with Glow too? They'll bust their guts laughing at it. Until they remember it's their tax dollars that went down the drain for it, of course.
  17. Easy for you to say, Durkie! [​IMG]
  18. Thank you dunkin I managed most of that but who the hell is Janet? Can she fix my blinds?
  19. You're welcome bugle. I fear your blindness is incurable.
  20. I think that you will find that they already are.

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