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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by glasgowgirl, May 12, 2010.

  1. Yes, I used the Images for Schools resources on Glow and SCRAN.
    Who say it was?[​IMG]
  2. This is being addressed. As well as allowing you to manage Glow groups and create a favourites list, you will also be able to search for groups across the country. Currently, the search facility is useless.
  3. If I added you to any of the Glow groups I have created, it would not appear on any of your pages. At the moment (and this will probably change) I would have to send you the link and then you could add it to your My Glow in a web links webpart This was covered in training - "Line of Sight."
  4. Ok. I'll state it more clearly. When I do as you say, it asks for Web Folders to be installed. I don't have this on either my home or work computers, not can I donwnload it from the net. I've seen it working, I've just never seen it working on my home or work computer. I'm glad it works for you, but it underlines what a big lump Glow is - any web2.0 application would ask if you wanted to download the plugin, then download and install it for you. As things stand, some users will be able to use it, whilst other won't.
  5. I have done, repeatedly, and nothing has been done to reduce the number of irrelevant groups i am a member of, nor the number of irrelevant news items that are clogging up my targetted news. I really have no interest in Umterarder Nurserys visit to the zoo, nor their upcoming beetle drive. lol
  6. Well maybe you've not had the unfortunate responsibility of trying to promote it's use. In the past, I did. It's only when you dig in to the workings of it and start training staff that you realise that every one of those little niggles that you have to devise some way of working around are huge walls for the majority of staff to climb over. Most will not bother to even try to work with it. Until Glow is completely redesigned to be a modern piece of software, that's the bottom line.
  7. Again, I suspect optimism. Read between the lines. A favourists list only filters the glow groups page, not the targetted news webpart (unless they decide to put that sort of filter on to the webpart, which I have not heard is happening)
    Searching for groups only works if the person who wants his group to be found advertises it outwith Glow. There is no way for the owner of a Glow Group to put a message out to all staff in the country to advertise his new group - he can only send targetted messages to staff who are already members (catch 22). Or, he could contact the Glow team and ask them to post a targetted news item, but I can't imagine that the team would be happy to do that for anyone. Maybe they would.
    Unless Glow is rewritten, all these addons to the functionality simply mask a weak underlying system that should be completely redesigned.
  8. lol. I'd forgotten about that. Another "feature" of Glow. ie a limitation that the team could not work around. Benefit, as you say, is that I dont get your targetted news, but then again, if I went to all the bother of requesting access to your group, your news is surely something I would welcome? lol Typical.
    So how would favourites work then? Would they allow you to add groups that were not in Line of Sight®?
    I'm going to take a wild guess and say no. :)

  9. OK, you haven't managed to get it working. However, you claimed that it wasn't possible to uplad multiple documents. The fact is you can. It's hardly the fault of Glow that your PCs do not have the necessary plugins. This is the responsibilty of whoever maintains your hardware.
    Over the past 3 years I have been responsible for delivering Glow training to staff in dozens of schools, SCA and ASN training. On more than one occasion I have been asked what a browser is. Many teachers struggle to find the on/off switch for their computer never mind using it for anything useful.
    No, in development and testing right now scheduled to be rolled out early next session.
    Not true, there are a number of National Glow groups where this is possible (and you are a member of them all [​IMG]). When you add a user to your Glow group you also have the option of sending them an email with the URL.
    Find out who your key contact is. They have access to a Glow group that contains a list and mock-ups of the updates.

  10. I am responsible for maintaining my home computer. There is no version of web folders available for me to install. I can't do it. It appears to be a feature of an old version of Microsoft Office. Unless I have an old version of MS office installed, I can;t use it. Glow has graciously allowed me the ability to upload more than one file at a time, using a dated, unsupported technology. Every other web2.0 site uses java or flash for this purpose - something which works on every computer, and if not will download the necessary plugin. Not Glow's fault? Who decided to use Web Folders? The users? lol
  11. Again, you missed my point. I'm not doubting that it's in the pipeline - I've read the documents. I was expressing my concern at your optimism that it will actually address the issues in full rather than merely sugar-coating a poorly designed interface. ie by using a filter to create a "favourites" list, will this translate to my targetted news being filtered likewise? Will there be facility for me to leave groups I no longer want to be a member of? Unless these issues are addressed, the favourites list is just a nice interface hiding an ugly mess that should never have been there in the first place.

  12. I'm not sure if you are deliberately missing the point, but, here goes again..,
    OK, so you create your fantastic "We Love Glow Society" Glow Group and you want some members. So....
    "when you add a user you have the option of sending them an e-mail".
    Catch 22 - how do you send a message out to a member who isnt a member yet?
    I suppose you could ask the National Site to send out a message advertising your site.?Seems a very awkward way of doing things.

  13. So you don't know then? I admire your optimism that the favourites list will be a valuable update.
  14. [​IMG]
    You know, I really don't give a toss if you believe me or not.
    I have seen a demonstration - it's a simple tick box system. Don't know where you are in Scotland (otherwise I would tell you who your key contact is) but I suggested finding out who they are so that you can get answers to your gripes first hand, rather than second hand on some anonymous BB.
  15. I have always found that if pupils cannot understand or miss the point of what I am saying. it's because I haven't explained it clearly,
    Imagine, all teaching staff in Glaswgow create a Glow group and send you an email or message advertising this. I'm sure you would appreciate thousands of email messages or news items on your staff page - particularly those on zoo trips by nursery pupils.

  16. That's interesting, because in my experience, most of the time if a pupil doesnt understand something which is written down it's because they haven't read it properly. Swings n roundabouts. I thought I was pretty clear. Ah well.
    Ironic, really, because I don't understand the point you are trying to make here ?:confused:?
    Is is that there actually is no way to realistically let people know about your glow group within glow, despite glow being touted as a way for "every teacher, pupil and parent to be connected" (covered in first training session)

  17. You do realise, I'm criticising an IT solution here? It's just that you seem to be taking it very personally.
    So, can you tell me if the demonstration showed that the favourites you tick mean that you only receive targetted news from the ticked groups?
    Unfortunately, I have already asked such questions to appropriate people and got less response than you gave on page 1 of this thread. :(

  18. Whoa hold on there a minute.
    Putting aside the somewhat patronising tone - I'm not the one casting doubt on anything that has been said here nor am I implying that anyone is deliberately evading answers. Of course I am going to take it personally when someone questions the veracity of what I have said. I have told you what I know.
  19. I didn't question the veracity of what you said. I questioned what you'd been told. There is a difference.
  20. Again, ignoring the patronising tone.
    Yes, you do
    This is pointless - you win congratulations.Here's that cake for you [​IMG]

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