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Glasgow's Budget Proposals

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by deleted963, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Go to this webpage: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/YourCouncil/Finance/Budgetproposals/.
    The Click the "Budget Options by Service" link.
    And you will see that:
    1) Increasing CCT by an hour will save £6m over 2 years.
    2) No Teacher Pay Award will save £4.8m.
    3) Removing all Salary Conservation will save £2.4m.
    4) There's more, you get the idea.
    Looks like economic reality may hit the teacher fan soon. And, remember, we've to deliver our spiffing new curriculum on top of all these detractions from our working conditions.
  2. Go to this webpage: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/YourCouncil/Finance/Budgetproposals/.
    The Click the "Budget Options by Service" link.
    And you will see that:
    1) Increasing CCT by an hour will save £6m over 2 years.
    2) No Teacher Pay Award will save £4.8m.
    3) Removing all Salary Conservation will save £2.4m.
    4) There's more, you get the idea.
    Looks like economic reality may hit the teacher fan soon. And, remember, we've to deliver our spiffing new curriculum on top of all these detractions from our working conditions.
  3. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Does removing salary conservation mean that the PTs who "refused to apply to be Facheads, do less and still get salary" will be back to normal pay-scale? I think that is only right. I am dead against Facheads but PTs doing same as me and getting paid more is not fair - pay should reflect work surely?
    And breakfast clubs? Sorry to be an old stick-in the mud/fart but, we have one (poorly attended) and it's teachers and greedy kids having a 2nd breakfast who use it most - healthy eating? I don't think so. What message are we giving out to our kids - how many people (apart from greedy teachers) have breakfast at their work place?
    Sorry to rant, but I've had a hellish day, and it's only Tuesday.
  4. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    No surprises there then. Tell me ... whatever happened to the last Education Director in Glasgow?
  5. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Yep. Remember now ...

  6. I work in a different authority and much of what Glasgow is proposing is already in evidence here. Only permanent nursery staff are to be retained and nursery teachers are all to be redeployed. Same applies to all expressive arts staff.
    When did COSLA agree to increase CCT (as stated by Glasgow)? I thought that we had to agree to changes to our pay and conditions for that, or is that just naive of me.
    I would have a real issue with the changes to supply pay. I haven't worked all these years just to be told that if I want work I've to go back to the first point on the pay scale. If retired teachers are costing too much then stop employing them. My attitude is that they've had a crack at the whip already so should stand aside for the rest of us!
    Where are the unions? Time to stand up and be counted!
  7. Aparently they are waiting for more concrete proposals. Given that Aberdeen submitted proposals more draconian than these a fortnight or more ago and other LAs have issued similar statements, I'm also wondering where the response is.
  8. Many of the kids who use our breakfast club wouldn't get breakfast otherwise. It's a way of making sure their school lunch isn't the only thing they eat in a day.
  9. JPM1967

    JPM1967 New commenter

    Another reason for breakfast clubs in to encourage habitual late-comers to arrive early, have a decent breakfast and be ready to start learning at 9.00am. However, in these tight times I'd rather such initiatives lapsed than some of the other items which have been suggested.
  10. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter

    agreement at the moment is cash conservation for life for pre mccrone but for 3 years for all others
    remember that we used to have senior teachers who moved to point 3 on the chartered teacher scale -in some authorities they were made pt s-i think if they retained their conservation but pt 's where faculties were created lost there conservation then that would not be right -some will have stepped aside on the understanding of conservation arrangements ,in my opinion life should mean life end of story ,if appointed after mccrone then it is 3 years -again the contract when appointed
    remember also the pts will have paid pension contibutions at a higher rate-some for for many years

    number on conservation for life will be declining quite quickly now I would think

  11. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I was thinking about that on my way home and realised I'd been a bit unfair, sorry. Thing is, the toast they get is the poorest quality of bread and margarine - why can't the parents be helped to feed their kids properly?
  12. Because many can't be trusted to feed their kids properly. Just as they can't be trusted to clothe them, keep them away from the TV, send them to bed at a decent time etc etc etc
  13. Read that quote again.
    And again.
    Continue until you realise how sad, how utterly depressing, how disgusting, how disgraceful that is.
  14. vforvendetta

    vforvendetta New commenter

    No mention of removing holiday pay for supply teachers (as I suggested on the supply thread). but a drop to point 1 will significantly dent the incomes of many experienced supply teachers. It's not just retired teachers who are on the top scale.
    I doubt I'll be remaining in teaching if this happens. I can earn more elsewhere. The point of the scale is that it rewards experience and gives you incentive to keep teaching, and trying to grab hold of that elusive permanent contract. If they do away with it, why would anyone bother doing more than the bare minimum.
    I'm currently working long term supply, with no contract. I'll do parents nights and after school DMs, reports and marking at home, potentially with 28 periods of teaching per week, because I feel like a member of staff. Do you honestly think I'll bother if I gain an extra period and lose 30% of my income, when others get far more for the same or less effort, and have the prospect of moving up the scale every year?
    This just gives employers even more incentive to avoid filling vacancies, and just employing cheap, transient labour. Why pay £34K when you can get more for £25K?
    Prospective supply teachers will move on to better paid employment elsewhere, and when the big retirement crunch happens, there will be nobody left. Even the retired teachers will stick up two fingers at supply rates.
    Another slap in the face for the forgotten NQTs of yesteryear.
  15. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    We have to teach the kids of TODAY how to be responsible adults - it can be done if we start now. I'm appalled that many of my S4s havn't started prelim revision yet, so I've told them they should be revising, and I will tell them many more times - that way they may get into good habits. Some of them (with responsible parents) are doing 2 hours' revision a night - and they are the ones getting great marks. C'mon, we have to start somewhere to improve Scottish kids - they will be the ones looking out for us in the years to come!
    About conserved salaries - I don't really understand it, but there is recent legislation about equality of pay - where someone cannot get paid more than someone else if they are doing the same work/job, no matter what the job history is.

  16. I used to think that those who were senior teachers (in primary) and who did not take up the PT posts were only on conserved until the mcrone deal payscale caught up. But someone told me that those who were appointed pre mccrone were conserved at CT point 3 for life. I've often thought that this could be challenged legally - equal job of equal value?
  17. JPM1967

    JPM1967 New commenter

    I have to agreewith you 100% V - I mentioned on another thread that I'd have quit teaching and gone back into the business world if I was still doing supply and they had cut my rate to the first rung on the ladder.
    Another slap in the face may be the following line from the SG/COSLA deal intimated to the LAs:
    "Sufficient teaching posts available for all probationers who achieve Standard for Full Registration in Summer 2011 (i.e successfully complete their probation)."
    Athough that could be interpreted to mean that enough posts will be created to theoretically absorb this year's probationers - but those vacancies could in fact go to any unemployed teacher - what's the betting that may LAs will simply give most of these jobs to the most recent NQTs and screw the "forgotten NQTs of yesteryear." Why would this happen...?
    a) Right place, right time for many probatoners, having 'fitted in' to a scool which suddenly has a vacancy;
    b) The SG/LAs are mindful of those statistics which come out every year, i.e. what % of last year's probationers have a job. If they can artificially boost that figure to the detriment of those who qualified 2,3,4 or 5 years ago then they'll do so and sweep everything else under the carpet.
  18. As far as I am aware the jobs will only be open to probationers from this year. I have emailed the education secretary about it to let him know how I felt about this. If all newly qualified teachers are offered work - 2800 probationers - there will be no supply left for anyone else. I think it is discrimination. I have no issue with jobs going to probationers if the jobs are open to interview.
  19. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    I have e mailed the cabinet secretary for education, my constituency msp and regional MSPs regarding the budget proposals. I have specifically raised concerns about proposals to increase class contact time, cut supply teachers' pay to point 1 and speculation by unions that long term supply teachers will be let go to 'create' jobs for probationers. I don't pretend to be an expert in this sort of thing but if anyone would like a copy of my letter as a template to adapt and send to your own MSPs, please private message me with your e mail address.
    I ask you to make noise as much as you can about this early on.
  20. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I do. It's been 'rigged' for years. Not always, not in every instance. Just mostly. The 'plan' for giving probationers all the work going is nothing new, it's just doing away with a layer of time wasting interview process (and applications) and cutting to the chase. Surely not a smidgen of honesty from the high heid yuns?
    I agree with V4V on all this. I'm also supply and very soon my stint in a school (10month absence cover) will be over. As 'usual', a timetable did come up in the department, and yet again it's been filled by a compulsary transfer. Every year I say "I'll give it another year and see what happens". But it's no way to live your life is it. End of tether. Feel so sad and frustrated. And WORRIED!

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