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Glasgow University Secondary PGDE - Has anyone heard?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by joanmcdade, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Has anyone heard the outcome of their recent interviews for secondary teaching at Glasgow?
    I'm desperate to know xx
  2. Hey I haven't heard anything, I'm so nervous. I had my interview on Thurs 3rd March so I was hoping to find out early this week but i guess that was wishful thinking. xxx
  3. Hi I also had my interview on Thursday 3rd March and they said it would be 5 working days before we'd find out...of course that hasn't stopped me checking every 20minutes...lol
    good luck guys I really haven't a clue what result I'll get either way!
  4. Hi guys,

    I was also there on the 3rd and haven't heard anything. They said we'd probably hear after 5 days. But they said it could be up to 10 working days. Take it as a positive that we haven't been booted out just yet haha!

    So after 10 days we can phone and harass them then I think you get feedback 10 working days later.

  5. Hi guys just wanted to let you know that I checked this morning and my Track had been updated at 11pm last night! Got an unconditional :) Hope you get good news! x
  6. Have you thought about applying to the University of the West of Scotland at their new campus in Ayr? You don't say what subject you are hoping to study but they are offering places in English, Maths, PE, Art & Design and Biology/Chemistry with Science for next session.I think that they are still accepting applications in English, Maths, Chemistry and PE so it might be worth a try?
    Good luck with your application and I hope that you hear back from Glasgow soon.

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