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Glasgow University 2011 Intake

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Yardley11, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Presumably everyone else received the email in mid-May about future communications being made through MyCampus?
    The email says to check that your UCAS email address is correct as MyCampus will pick these up. It is...
    Now what? Haven't heard anything in the 5 weeks since. Does anyone know how to log in to MyCampus or received login details?
  2. Nope, i've not heard a peep either; but maybe we won't hear anything now until our PVG checks come back ok?
  3. Will have to be before that I'd imagine as there will be quite a few people getting police certificates from abroad (like myself!) and they can take a couple of months.
    I had a look at the letter they sent out with the PVG stuff; the deadline for that is July 22nd and they say there will be more info about induction at the end of July.
    The MyCampus email is a bit strange. "Our future communications will be through MyCampus.." but then no indication how as to how you use it. That'll have to come soon I guess.

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