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Glasgow Uni - PGDE Secondary Education (English) interview

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by cmrooney, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has an interview/has already had an interview for the Secondary PGDE at University of Glasgow? My subject is English but coming from Belfast I don't know what to expect in terms of what could be asked for the written task and also how much knowledge/what key things I should know for the individual interview. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if you ever found out the answers to your questions. I am thinking of applying to do this and have heard that the interview process is tough. How did you get on and what did it all entail? I really appreciate any advice you have to offer.
  3. Hi Lesley! Well I had my interview on 3rd March and I was successful :) I start my course in August this year. Are you coming from somewhere other than Scotland too? I was a bit intimidated by the interview process when I heard what it entailed but when I got there it was much, much less formal. The presentation told us all what was going to happen and even what each of the 7 questions for individual interview would be based on! So there was no shock question thrown in there or anything which is what I was worried about. They asked what personal experience you had/what you had learned from it? Why you want to teach (they focused less on this as the written task was on this subject) what do you think are important qualities to have when working in a team? This kind of threw me but I think they wanted to ensure you knew that you'd be responsible for people but also under the direction of others, the qualities I discussed were paitience to recognise the time and the place and right way of dealing with things and also confidence to make sure none of your own needs are sacrificed etc. They also asked what place religious education had in the overall classes (not just R.E.)

    the group discussion focused on what pupils say makes effective teaching, so like active learning...trying to make lessons interactive, multimodal methods employed etc.

    What is absolutely essential and what I believed got me in was my experience in a classroom. Observing teachers and talking to teachers is really what you need. Reading up CfE and AiFL will only get you so far. I really would recommend going for it as the school of education at Glasgow uni has a great reputation and I found the interview day to be alot more enjoyable and relaxed than scary. Just know the work that's going to be entailed, I know going to be exhausted all year on the PGDE. They want enthusiastic people who want to teach fullstop, I wouldn't apply unless you're positive it's what you want to do. I hope this has helped Lesley :) xx

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