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Glasgow Primary pgde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by kittynest, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    anyone else received confirmation of an interview at glasgow uni for primary? mine is on the 11th jan. SO scared! they've changed the interview process. now includes a written part, group task and individual interview, instead of just an individual interview and 5 minute lesson to the rest of your small group.

    eek! anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Hi, I have just received confirmation by email for an interview at Glasgow on 25th Jan and getting qute nervous already! Have briefly read through the interview requirements and there doesnt seem to be much that we can prepare as the written subject task is given on the day and the discussion is quite general between other candidates!!! What if anything are you preparing?
  3. Hiya, no I don't really know what to prepare to be honest! I don't know how much to read up about current issues and CfE and stuff like that, if at all?
    Scared about what the writing task will be, and how the group task will be. Think i need to read the guidelines for the discussion more carefully and prepare some kind of responses...eeek!

    So basically, unsure as you are as to how much to prepare!!
  4. Hi, I am a 4th year BEd and had same interview structure as you have mentioned. The writing task was just about how you think your interview went. Try to be reflective in this part and be critical of yourself in some parts. Group task was a list of curricular areas and we had to put them into order of what we thought was most important in the curriculum and justify why. If you have a group task like this don't take over or butt in over people, just say what you need to say!! I am sure you'll know this already :) and the interview was a tutor from the uni and two teachers. They didn't ask me 1 thing about curriculum! They asked me things like why i wanted to teach, if i had ever been inspired by a teacher, asked me if I'd ever had to deal with deadlines or an adverse situation and what did I do to overcome it. The one thing they have drummed into us over the past 4 years is the need for interdisciplinary learning within your class so I would read over that and also being a reflective practitioner. Good luck!
  5. Hi Kittynet, hope your preparation for interview is going well. Best of luck for tomorrow and will hear how you got on,
  6. Hi there,

    I am looking to apply for the PGDE in Primary at Glasgow and was hoping someone could confirm that the written task is an evaluation of the interview only or did anyone have a different topic.

    Many thanks

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