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Glasgow Primary PDGE Interview 2012

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hgreen04, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm currently on the PGDE in Glasgow and am doing the CTC so just thought I'd reply. As far as possible you will be placed in Catholic schools for your placements, but it's not 100% guaranteed. Having said that, nobody on the CTC is not in a Catholic school so perhaps they tell us that as a safety net in case there are any difficulties in finding placements. Apart from the written tasks you will also be observed teaching an RE lesson to complete the CTC, so it's better for everyone if CTC students are in Catholic schools.
    Good Luck with your future studies. Clare
  2. Thanks Clare, that was very helpful to know! I'm sure I actually asked that question at the end of my interview, but I wasn't really listening to the answer as I was concentrating on thinking of a second question to ask...lol. Anyway, looking forward to starting and meeting everybody! :)
  3. Hey did anyone go to the Open Day, if so what was it like?
  4. No sorry didn't go in the end. Does anyone have any idea what the start date for our course is? x
  5. i was possibly going to start a facebook group if anyone would be interested?
  6. i'd say that would be a good idea. especially for those looking for flatshares and information about the course! would be good to set up anyway for when we've started and maybe need to ask questions about the course/placements etc!
  7. let us know when you set it up! I got an offer today for accomodation in Maclay residences. I know it's a bit of a trek to the Uni but then again there is the advantage of living with other postgrads who are in the same situation! anyone else apply for campus?
  8. I think that's a great idea.
  9. Okay ill set it up some evening this week when i get a chance :) add me on facebook anyways, Claire McHugh, living in belfast. anyone any idea bout start date yet? my boyfriends got his interview for secondary history next week, so fingers crossed he gets in so i wont have to move over from belfast on my own.

  10. Hey everybody. Another Belfast girl here. I'm moving over to Glasgow around July time with my boyfriend. Just wondering if anyone has received any correspondence from the university yet. I was told that we would hear information around April :s It's good to no there's other people from Northern Ireland starting the course.
  11. Hey! I emailed the Uni yesterday about dates and she said that we will definitely be starting on the 20th of August and that the induction will be the week before dates haven't been confirmed for that yet! I hope we hear soon because I want to get accomodation sorted. I think I'm just going to accept the campus, has anyone else thought about what they're doing yet?
  12. ohhhdear earlier than i had hoped, but atleast weve finally got a date. I havent even thought about campus 2 b honest, think its too long a trek. if my boyfriend doesnt get in, i wud poss try and flatshare? but cant decide nething til i know his fate :)
    will set up facebook soon lol
  13. Yeah I think its very far aswell, Im just afraid of not being able to find somewhere else but I've been on Gumtree and there is loads of accommodation really near St Andrew's Building where we will be based! I would be interested in flatshare too, obviously you have to wait and see about your boyfriend that fine! :) Are there any peeps moving to Glasgow on their own like me?? Add me on facebook anyway.. Catherine Delaney is my name, dressed in green in my profiler and my cover photo is my graduation class!
  14. Hey, im starting the pgde in august too! :) i cannot find this page on facebook! it just keeps sayng no results, so confused!! is that def the name?xxx

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