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Glasgow Primary PDGE Interview 2012

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hgreen04, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the up date girls! I thought the last round of interviews were on the 25th January, didn't realise they were going on another week. Fingers crossed we will be put out of this misery soon. Good luck everyone [​IMG]
  2. thanks for the update everyone. I didn't realise the interviews were on until the 1st Feb, I thought they were over on the 25th Jan. Fingers crossed they put us out of our misery soon. Good luck everyone :)
  3. Thanks for your replies, it's good to hear that there may still be a chance of an interview at others universities if Glasgow doesn't work out. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope we will find out in the next week or so [​IMG]
  4. Hi folks, I have my interview on Wednesday and I believe that is the last block of interviews; so fingers crossed you will all know shortly! Good Luck everyone!
  5. I felt the same for my interview. Honestly felt like I just spewed out answers and she wasn't really thinking about what I was saying at all. I felt that the rest of the tasks were pretty enjoyable, but the individual interview threw me right off balance.

    No idea how I got on in it at all to be honest.

    Hopefully we will be put out of our misery soon, last interviews are in 2 days so hopefully by next week we will have found out?
  6. i just found out i got in, wooooohoooo :)
  7. me too....so relieved! Hope everyone hears soon :)
  8. well done to you both!! hope i hear soon xxxxx

  9. Goodluck to everyone stil waiting, its horrible and the longer u wait the more u drive urself mad thinking bout it. i cried my eyes out when i found i got in this evening, didnt expect it, after getn rejected from a few places last year...lost confidence in myself. i wish u all the very best and hope u hear soon. for those of u who arent lucky this year, dont give up, its just makes u more determined, if its what u want to do... keep trying, itl all be worth it in the end. for those of u who get in, i look forward to meeting u in september. Claire xxx
  10. really hope everyone finds out soon.
    Looking forward to meeting you in September Claire,
    Pauline x
  11. Hey guys I just found out today that I was successful aswell! Im from Ireland so I'll be moving over, big change but I'm excited!!
    Any other Irish peeps starting this course?
    Whats everyone doing accomodation wise etc?
    Catherine :)
  12. I'm from Belfast Catherine, so big change :) but exciting. not sure about accommodation just yet, prob a flat near the uni, my bf has an interview for secondary history in april...so will depend on his outcome i suppose where i am lol.
  13. congrats to everyone, i got a conditional offer just now, very excited, live in glasgow so no accomodation worries, think the uni can help with advice on where to stay xxx
  14. I have no idea where to live, I know its early days yet but would like to have a plan! I was thinking of campus accomodation but I've heard the closest is 20 minutes walk!! :O
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  15. Congrats!! i'm in too! :) i'm not sure about fees, probably speak to the university finance department? i'm looking for a flat in the west end, the post grad accom is around 1/2 hour walk away, which in Scotland, could be pretty grim!! lol x
  16. yeah i think flat share is the way forward... the post grad halls are a long walk away - there is student accom across from the St Andrews building but its £600 per month, i'm going to start looking around the area for a flat!

    Congrats again everyone, see you all in August!! :)

  17. Keep me up to date on flat searching.. there are some lovely properties around the West End! Campus is still tempting though-easy way out!! [​IMG]
  18. There are lots of gorg looking flats really nearby, mind you i have only been looking online! I'm going to the open day in march so will have a look round some properties then :) Would anyone be interested in a flat share? my email is sarahbeaton@hotmail.co.uk if you think you might want to, might reserve judgement until i have had a look round the halls, because yeah as you say - easy option!

  19. Dont know about that kittynest, good question. Anyone recieved any correspondence from the college? I haven't anyway. I was thinking of going over to the open day, wondering would it be worth my while, is anyone else going?
  20. Yeah i'm going to go to the open day and view some flats the same day, Decided that flat share will be much easier/nicer than halls so moving in with a friend.

    Maybe see you there!

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