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Glasgow Primary PDGE Interview 2012

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hgreen04, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if anyone has an upcoming interview for University of Glasgow for primary PGDE? Or if anyone has in the past few years? I have an interview on the 11th of January at 1.30. I have read over the discussion topic and the Scottish Curriculum. Is there anything else I can do to prep for the interview?

    Any advice would be much appreciated


    P.s Happy New Year!
  2. Hi Helen, I have an interview on the 25th January @ 1.30pm. Hadnt had much of a chance over the hols to get looking at much, but glad i've still a while yet to go. I'm from N.ireland so i do have 2 brush up on Scottish curriculum, to see how it differs from my own. I've had an interview of Newcastle lastyear, but never Glasgow so don't know what to expect myself. Claire :)
  3. Hi Claire, I'm from Belfast so I'm in the same boat as you! Whereabouts are you from? This will be my first interview for PGCE. I had one for Coleraine on the 24th of November but it was rescheduled due to strike action. It's now on the 16th of January instead. I'm dreading that one more to be honest. The set up for Glasgow seems better. A little worried about the written task but hopefully we will get a nice topic. I've been reading up on the Curriculum for Excellence and thankfully it seems quite similar to our own. I had a friend who went to Glasgow a few years ago but the set up was different then. You had to do a lesson back then. It's good to hear from someone else :)
  4. Sorry only getting the chance to reply now. I'm from the North coast of Antrim, but actually live up the Antrim rd in Belfast as i work in a school up here...its a small world. I'm a complete disaster i missed the Coleraine application this year, but i had an interview for there lastyear...is it the first stage interview? telling a story without using a book? there is so much comptetition for coleraine but im sure ull b great.
    god ur glasgow interview is next week, january is flying in too quick for me :( im dreading the essay myself but hopefully u get a choice a questions to answer, but im sure thats unlikely lol. what did u study at university then?
  5. hello, I have my interview for Glasgow on the 11th at 9.30am. Good luck when it comes, i have read the curriculum for exellence and inclusion and equality policies, I have also been advised to read the recent McCormac review into the 2000 teachers agreement and from this have briefly studied the Donaldson report, he has made 50 recommendations into teaching conditions, those were the only recent changes I could find in primary education, not sure if there is more, I am trying to be relaxed about it all but not really working. I have also been advised to link answers to experiences i've had in the classroom and also to be aware of active learning, not sure if your going to the the catholic certificate but i am and have read the recent publication this is our faith which is on the scottish catholic education service website, hope this helps, any tips to pass my way would be much appreciated xx Erin x
  6. My interview is also on the 11th of January @1:30 :) We will probably be in the same group! I have also just being reading over the curriculum, preparing for group discussion and any possible questions they may as in the individual interview! I am sooo nervous but guess we can only do our best and be ourselves! :)
  7. Hey guys, thank you so much for all your advice. It has reassured me a little. I'll have to look at that McCormac report and the 'This is our faith' article. Unfortunately I can't think of any other tips to pass on myself. The only other document I can think to look at is a publication called 'Every School, a Good School'. It's mostly centred on Northern Ireland but there are some good points to pick out of it. I completely agree Clio92, we can only do our best and at least, if we are ourselves we will feel less nervous! Good luck to everybody! Any ideas when we could expect to hear back from the University following our interviews?
  8. Oh my, I have mine on the 11th as well. Very nervous. I haven't as yet 'revised' all the key topics you guys have but I think what is needed is an awareness, not necessarily such a wealth of information that you could write a massive essay on it all. However, I'm hitting the library tomorrow to do a bit of research, and this thread has been useful to confirm I'm kinda looking at the right stuff. I think I need to have a concise response to the inevitable question of: "so..why do you want to be a teacher?"...crucial! eeeeek! don't want my nerves to create some kind of jumbled response!
    Anyone know how long the group discussion and individual interviews are? I heard they're like 10 minutes each, which doesn't sound too bad! Here's hoping!!? Anybody else nervous as hell? It's been on my mind for the past 3 weeks!
  9. I have found it very hard to think about anything else too, I've been trying to read over as much as possible but it's been hard finding the time over Christmas although I'm thinking now that might be a good thing as less time for the nerves to build!! Has anyone else applied for strathclyde as a second option?? Erin
  10. I think I am the same as you kittynest I have not yet revised as much as I had planned and there is not much time left before the 11th either :( I'm flying over from Dublin on Tuesday morning! I completely agree that we will just need a general outline of information on the curriculum/ changes, It is more about you and why they should choose you to study primary teaching! yup I'm as nervous as hell also, good to know some people are feeling the same! Good luck to everyone and lets hope the nerves don't get the better of us! :)
  11. good to hear you're doing a similar thing to me Clio! I heard that the individual interview is just really about you, not really up to date issues, I think that sort of thing might have a place in the discussion. I heard this from a girl I know who got in and now has a full time Primary post! This was three years ago though so perhaps things might change a little.
    Has anyone looked at the discussion topic: do you think we'll just be concentrating on the questions below or discussing the article as a whole? Are you preparing kind of responses to those questions?
    Yes good luck to all! Obviously not to make us complacent, but remember that getting through to the interview is a good initial sign that the interviewers think you're what they're looking for- you just have to live up to your statement and you'll be fine! (another pearl of wisdom from my friend)
  12. Oh and Erin, I have strathclyde as my second choice. not holding out much hope though if i get rejected from glasgow because they may be full. oh well. i've also applied to GTP schemes in England, but my preference is glasgow as i'm already living here and at the uni!
  13. I'm thinking pretty much the same, i've not applied anywhere else, was considering UWS as the campus is in hamilton but I didnt get my application in on time so it's Glasgow or nothing!! i've read and re-read the group discussion topic but not thought up definate answers as such, i've been trying to think of a range of situations that are relevent, i'm hoping that by not having definative answers i'll not sound rehearsed, here's hoping!
  14. Hi Jenni

    I emailed my invitation to you. I hope it helps! Best of luck!

  15. Oh jenni that sounds like such a pain! Glasgow should give you some allowance for their mistake. Not great!
    Well I just had a practice interview with my boyfriend and it went TERRIBLY! I've written down mock answers and got him to ask the questions, but I just got in a muddle and forgot what I had written down, and couldn't think independently of what I'd already put. Eeek, tomorrow I think I'm going to spend the day just talking aloud to myself about teaching, trying to get everything fluid rather than being like "erm.......I've forgotten what I put..."

    anyone looked at this handout and thought of answers to that? i presume we're all doing the same discussion topic: affective domain...what the heck!
  16. Helen - thanks again for sending me that information.

    As if interviews aren't nerve wracking enough without a rush like this.

    Can I check if there is a full article to be read on affect in teaching or just the information contained in the email? It is a slightly odd topic for an interview so i'll need to get reading!
  17. Its just the information contained in the email unfort, yeh i dont reli like the subject myself...the fact that i tend to confuse affect and effect isnt gonna help me lol. the written project is worrying me slightly, the fact it could be on anything?
    Girls goodluck for 2moro anyways, u'll all do fab :)
  18. Hi girls, I also had my interview on the 11th January and desperately waiting to find out. Really not enjoying the waiting game ha ha. Has anyone heard anything back yet? I was wondering whether to expect a letter or email for Glasgow? Thanks :)
  19. Hi everyone,
    I had my interview on Jan 11th as well. Kittynest, I felt exactly the same my interview, it was very short and I didn't really think the interviewer was very bothered about my answers. I also wanted to say a lot more but I didn't feel like they gave me the opportunity.
    Pcampbel, I think GTTR will send us a letter/email when the status of our applications change but i'll be checking mine online anyway.
    I've not heard anything back yet from Glasgow and i'm quite nervous as I never realised there was a 60:40 split of students doing the Catholic certificate which I can't do.
    I was also wondering if anyone knows how the GTTR system works if you don't get a place at your first choice. Glasgow are taking quite a while to make their decisions and my second choice is Strathclyde, but they have probably already made their decisions about interview candidates. I am so much more nervous because i'm worried that if Glasgow doesn't work out i've got no other options!
    Is anyone else worried about this?

    Thanks :)
  20. Hey,

    I never realised that there was a 60:40 split either :/I cant do the Catholic certificate either.I am fairly sure that I will not get in but fingers crossed for everyone :)

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